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Marvellous Mark Smither Wins
The Winning Moment

After a tough two years, it was great to see a major sporting event in Barrie. Last United Boxing Promotions brought a fight card full of quality to the East Bayfield Arena. With a packed crowd there to support local Super Lightweight Champion Mark Smither defend his crown. With a quality support card it was a night to remember.

First up, another local lad from Barrie’s, Tyler Golfetto (right) vs Thomas Francis (white trunks). His first ever professional fight was a challenging introduction, Thomas had more experience, and in the end, that won the day for him. Tyler showed enough promise, though, to think he could go on to better things. He can take a lot of encouragement from his battling display.

The most explosive display of the night was from Joshua “HellRazor” Frazer. With an almighty hook, he nearly sent his opponent through the ropes. Joshua is another name to watch for as he climbed the ranks. With a performance like this, it won’t be long before he is surely crowned champion. in the near future

With some other impressive results from RICARDO “BIG 12” BROWN, and man is he big 6’7”, for such a big man very athletic. Also, Sukdeep Singh improved his record to 12-0-0 in a dominant fashion. In the other fight, Josh “THE BOSS” Wagner bossed this fight to take his record to 12-0-0.

Then on to the main event, the atmosphere was electric as the build-up to Mark’s fight. Then he walked out with a piper leading him out. We were told he was playing Scotland the Brave, but we couldn’t hear it as the crowd was so loud. We will need aks him what the connection is? He stepped into the ring, and the noise level ramped up even louder.

Now onto the reason, we were all there could Mark retain his title. He started with authority. He looked calm and in control from the first bell. We should not take anything away from his opponent Cody Kelly (in the black and yellow shorts). He was a gritty combatant and was never going to make it easy. Mark had a plan, though, and he stuck to it, constantly jabbing, looking for the opening for his hook.

In a fight where the opponent has more than enough ability to hurt you, you need patience, and Mark proved he did by waiting for his openings. We never had Mark losing a round, and as we went into the final round, he just had to be careful, and he would retain his crown. When the final bell sounded, there was only one winner, so it proved to be a rebounding performance reflected in the scorecards. Marvellous Mark Smither retained his belt in a well-deserved and impressive fashion. The crowd went crazy, and Barrie still has a resounding Canadian champion.

It was a very successful night, exceptionally well organized and full of excitement. Hopefully, we will see more major events held in Barrie. We think this night proved that if an event of this magnitude comes to Barrie, the crowds will turn up. For Mark, he can have a well-earned rest and spend some time with his family. Then it will be back to the gym to build up for his next defence, whoever it may be, and hopefully, his next fight it will be held in Barrie.

Congrats to Mark and His Terrific Sponsors; KAS Kitchens, and United Boxing Promotions!

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