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Kiana Scott Takes the Hockey World by Storm

Kiana Scott

Scott is the first female scout in the Ontario Hockey League

Kiana Scott, 22, was born and raised in Barrie. Growing up in a hockey town, Scott has loved the game for as long as she can remember. Her sheer will, relentless work ethic, and determination could not be denied.

But Scott soon realized it would not happen as an athlete.

“I had a passion for hockey since I was young. I wasn’t going anywhere professionally playing hockey, but I knew I still wanted to stay in the game,” Scott explained.

Additionally, Scott has been volunteering for local teams since she was 13. From media work to scouting at showcases, Scott was doing it all. It was here that Scott’s journey into scouting began.

Kiana Scott
Photo credit: Stephen Elliott

Getting started in scouting

Scott was drawn to hockey the moment she watched her younger brother play. Further, Scott would evaluate her brother and his teammates, rating their performance and jotting down notes. She left comments and helpful feedback on where the boys could improve.

“I even drew up a contract for my brother, promising he’d become a better hockey player if he listened to me. Looking back, it’s funny how I almost knew I wanted to be a scout.”

Next, Scott went into International Scouting Services, regarded as a reputable mentorship program for scouting. ISS provided Scott with the access to attend games and begin scouting players. If there was a rink in town, Scott was at it.

“Any place that I could see hockey, I was there, working on evaluating players. That’s how I eventually got my foot in the door.”

Kiana Scott
Photo credit: Stephen Elliott

Joining the Erie Otters

The Erie Otters are a Major junior ice hockey team based in Erie, Pennsylvania. The team was busy scouting at local rinks when they first came across Scott. After seeing her at three different games in three separate hockey arenas, the Otters became curious.

The organization eventually contacted Scott and would inevitably hire her as a scout in 2020.

“It’s been the best experience I’ve ever had. I am so proud to be an Erie Otter.

Furthermore, Scott primarily scouts the Under-15 age group, getting a head start on finding talent before the players are draft eligible. It’s a fitting task for Scott, considering how much she’s accomplished at such a young age. But make no mistake, Scott has earned the responsibility through her commitment to her work.

A typical day at the office for Kiana Scott

Scott covers teams across four different leagues. That schedule has Scott on the road, alone, often. Nevertheless, Scott thrives in her role thanks to meal prepping and meticulous game planning.

“I meal prep a lot of my meals for the road. I have to strategically plan out my day based on scheduled games and how often those teams play.”

Kiana Scott
Photo credit: Stephen Elliott

Being a woman in hockey

Women working in hockey was an uncommon theme for a long time. As a woman of colour, Scott had to break ground on two fronts to earn her keep. Moreover, Scott consistently proves that hard work trumps all.

Over the years, Scott has become an ambassador for women’s hockey. In addition, Scott encourages aspiring young women seeking her path to stay the course.

“Never give up. Stay focused and stay true to yourself. Women are evolving in the sport, accomplishing things they never have before.”

We’re seeing a positive shift in hockey, witnessing more women elevated within the game. This evolution will ultimately result in a booming growth of the sport. In addition, Scott recognizes this importance and helps others where she can.

Photo credit: Stephen Elliott

What does the future hold for Kiana Scott?

Unquestionably, Scott aspires to become a scout in the National Hockey League. But Scott’s ambitions go beyond scouting. Additionally, Scott’s goal is to launch a hockey clothing line for professionals within the industry.

“Some of the profits will go towards sponsoring young prospects across all backgrounds and age groups.”

Without a doubt, Scott is a remarkable woman with a bright future. Few individuals, at any age, can match her drive to succeed. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until we’re showcasing Scott’s next milestone!

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