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In a League for Fun

In a League for Fun
Victoria plays in a league for fun and has played at Alliance since before the current owners took over. We met...
In a League for Fun

We met Victoria Linton during a photoshoot for an article on various pool players at Alliance Billiards.  Victoria plays in a league for fun and has played at Alliance since before the current owners took over.

In a League for Fun

We decided to have a chat...

Victoria has been interested in billiards since she was a child.  Having a friend with a pool table in their home, she asked to play often.  However, as in many cases, her friend, having grown up able to play at leisure, was bored of the game.

During Victoria’s continued education, she often visited Bowlerama in the Bayfield Mall on her extended lunch break to play.  That’s where she really started to enjoy the game.

In a League for Fun

Finding a Hidden Gem

She was introduced to Alliance Billiards by a friend, not even knowing it existed.  And as luck would have it, it was only a few minutes from her home at the time.  As Victoria explains, ‘Alliance Billiards is such a wonderful, hidden gem, with so much to offer; I’m glad that someone let me know it was there.”

When Georgia Makrygiannis took over the pool hall, she asked Victoria about playing in the leagues, but at the time, she felt she couldn’t commit.  However, Georgia persisted, and Victoria has been in the Wednesday night league for almost five years. A few old-timers like her are still there, but people do come and go.

In a League for Fun

The Best Part of League Play

Victoria tells us that the best part of being in a league at Alliance is that the games are competitive but very friendly.  Everyone has a great time and are really good sports whether they win or lose.  As she put it – “We’re just out to have a good time, and maybe learn a thing or two while we play.”

League members are great at teaching each other lots of great tips.  Victoria has learned to play the game a few shots ahead in her mind, as she put it, “much like a game of chess.”  She has learned the all-important ball placement and where to strike the cue ball to set up her next shot.

In a League for Fun

A Math Brain at That

When asked if she has a math brain, her answer was perfect.  “Yes, I think so.  I always enjoyed math in school; geometry was easy.  Now I’m taking Architectural Technology at Georgian, and that’s a lot of math.

We veered off-topic for a few minutes discussing her learning thus far, which is fascinating but finished with this.

In a League for Fun

Anyone Can Play

There are four people per team, some teams with a spare.  If a team does have a spare, everyone rotates each league night to keep their skills honed.  You play on and for a team, yet the games are individually scored. 

Everyone always looks forward to the league banquet at the end of the season and hopes there will be one again this year.  The teams love the spread that Alliance Billiards hosts; they have a great time and get to bring home some bling.

In a League for Fun

Just for your Info:

Alliance Billiards is opening Nine-Ball Leagues in the New Year, so if you are a player – get ready for another level of play.

They also very strongly promote Youth Leagues, where even as young as seven, kids can learn the art of the billiard table.

If you’d like to learn more about playing pool or the game of billiards, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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