The 705

The 705
The 705 Recovery Centre in Downtown Barrie is here for everyone. There is programming to help support those in...
The 705

The 705 Recovery Centre in Downtown Barrie is here for everyone.  There is programming to help support those in our community struggling with or recovering from addiction, mental health and more.  It’s a space for meetings of all kinds, events, education, training and support.

Save the Date!

The 705

On May 7th, The 705 is hosting their second annual ‘24hr Window: raise-a-thon for Recovery’.  Four people will spend 24 hours in the four front windows of the storefront at 56 Dunlop Street West.

This Fundraiser is EPIC!

The 705

Last year this event raised $35,000, helping to keep the doors open.  This year, the goal is to continue raising community awareness and even more dollars being raised.

The Executive Director, Bill Zane, is thrilled to see the event happening again this year and grateful to the community and participants for their support.  “It’s honestly incredible to see support for the 705 and the four people in the window. The centre wouldn’t be here without it.”

During the 2nd Annual 24hr Window, people can donate money to help the nominated participants stay in the window more comfortable or prank them. Last year, there were pies in the face and all sorts of challenges and competitions.  The community can make them more comfortable with blankets, food, pillows, walks and bathroom breaks, all with the help of donations. 

In the Window

The 705
Jake Mathias

Jake Mathias is a local musician and business owner.  He’s also one of the founders of Barrie Live Music.  He finds the 705 extremely important as a safe place to go when needing support or to be part of a community.  He feels very strongly about being in the window to keep the space open for the next person needing help.

Kat Chabot is also a local musician and community advocate.  She has always turned to music during hard times to create solutions and bring people together.  Kat has raised $10,000 for the Cancer Care Unit at RVH through “Paige’s Passion Music Fest” in memory of her childhood friend, along with helping to raise over $100,000 for local charities throughout the pandemic with Barrie’s Live Music Show through virtual and in-person concerts. In her spare time, Kat performs at local festivals, bars, restaurants and gathering places in the Barrie Area, either performing solo or with Cardinal Street – a five-piece rock band.

The 705
Melissa Hart

Melissa Hart is a nurse that works within the community caring for her patients at home.  As she tells us, “Without the support of 12-step recovery programs, I wouldn’t have been able to get sober on my own, so essentially I owe my life to the community because it saved me from losing mine, which is now very beautiful.”  Melissa also has a blooming Arbonne business where she gets to help people become happier, healthier versions of themselves. Being a participant in the window is extremely meaningful to Melissa, and she says, ‘My life would not look the way it does without my recovery, and if I can help the 705 stays open another day, I’m all in, Baby!” 

The 705
Geoff MacGillvray

Geoff MacGillvray is a personal trainer at Athletic Kulture and has been helping people with their health and fitness for seven years now.  Before that, Geoff worked in a group home for teens with special needs.  Being a recovering addict himself, celebrating ten years clean this year, Geoff is a significant mental health advocate, so he is honoured to have been nominated and selected to participate in this year’s fundraising event.

Have Fun - Help Out

The 705
From Left to Right: Geoff MacGillvrary, Todd Palmer, Bill Zane, Jake Mathias, Christine Gordon, Melissa Hart- Missing: Kat Chabot

So Barrie – Let’s help out!  To donate monies, send an E-Transfer to:  and include the person you’re supporting in the message section.  Better yet, come on down on May 7th and be part of the fun.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Taking part in a Fundraiser can be so much fun! Have you ever done that? Let us know in the comments!

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