A Bit about THAT Sleigh

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.
A Bit about THAT Sleigh. There are experts in many things around the world, however when we’re talking ...

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A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

There are experts in many things worldwide; however, when we’re talking a bit about that sleigh, there seems to be only one group that comes to mind. By that sleigh, I mean Santa’s sleigh, of course; and the group of experts would be NORAD, as they are the group most often touted as the trackers of that sleigh each year.

According to NORAD, though, the measurements of the sleigh without the reindeer sounds rather strange.  The length of the sleigh is 75 cc (candy canes) or 150 lp (lollipops) in length.  The sleigh’s width is 40cc or 80 lp with a height of 55cc or 110 lp.

It sounds small when you think about it, doesn’t it?  There must be tons of gifts that Santa has to deliver during the season, as you can imagine.  How can a sleigh that size carry them all?  However, Santa has another secret that we’ve been let in on.

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

It Must be Magic

He has a magical sack.  With great innovation and state of the art reversible thermodynamic processor, this sack can refill itself with toys and other gifts as they travel along.  Many say that the ‘nano-toymaker’ was not possible until Santa and his crew developed this magic sack.  It is undoubtedly a game-changer with the population growth of today.

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

Then There's the Engineering

No one can truly explain the engineering of the sleigh, but it is thought to be made of one of the fastest-growing trees, the poplar.  Poplar is widely available in the north as it is often used for furniture like the sleigh.

Of course, Santa must be kept as warm and comfy as possible during his long travel, so the seat is made of ultra-fuzzy velour.    The runners and truss are made of honeycombed titanium, making it ultra-light and extremely strong.

Even more surprising, the sleigh can also alter its shape and has the ability to morph.  This allows a much better aerodynamic property while in flight and is very stable when landing on any of those steep roofs.

The sleigh is covered in nano-structured skin that is porous and has a unique, low-pressure system.  This helps to reduce the drag by almost 90 percent, allowing for supersonic speeds.  With so much special engineering involved, you won’t be surprised to know that the sleigh is an all-weather vehicle specially designed for short vertical takeoffs and landings.

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

The Best of Programming

The sleigh also has been updated with the best programming to detect wind and weather conditions and locations of any other aircraft flying in the vicinity.  As a result, every flight for the Magical Mr. Claus is very smooth and energy-efficient.

We must also understand that Santa is a scholar of the Theory of Relativity.  He understands that light can be bent, time-stretched, and space squeezed much like a piece of fruit.  The time he spent studying this allows him to make such a humungous amount of deliveries by making just a few minutes pass around the earth.

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

In Conclusion: A Bit about THAT Sleigh

In conclusion, we must admit that the magic of Christmas is not complete without Santa on that sleigh pulled by his reindeer friends.  Sure there have been modifications over the years, making the sleigh indispensable to Santa and the millions of children awaiting him.

Santa is the epitome of goodness and joy during the holidays, but he couldn’t do even half as much without his sleigh.

A Bit about THAT Sleigh.

Merry Christmas from JN Roofing

May Santa and his sleigh full of wonder and magic land on your roof this holiday season and bring a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Design Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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