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Families Helping Families

families helping families
During our work lives, we end up mixing the professional with the personal parts of our lives. Here it’s...
families helping families

Even during our work lives, sometimes we end up mixing the professional with the personal parts of our lives.  In this case it’s families helping families.  Let’s set the scenario:

The Scenario:

families helping families

A young couple with a two year old purchases an older home in the east end.  This original 2 bedroom wartime house had already undergone some renovations including an addition.  The young couple settle in to enjoy their new space.  Then the news they receive rock their world; they’re pregnant…with twins.

What Happened Next...

families helping families

This two bedroom home just wouldn’t cut it now.  Enter Michael Brocklebank of TROC Barrie.  With Michael’s passion for older homes and renovating for maximum useable space, he understood their needs immediately.  Then, with the additional knowledge Michael has from being a dad himself; he’s quick to understand how to create a flow that allows room for romping yet open enough for a bit of parental control.

A Full Renovation

families helping families

This job required a full renovation.  After checking load bearing walls, Michael went to work.  The major changes included widening the basement staircase in order to allow the installation of full size washer and dryer, closing in the front porch and redirecting the doorway to create a full entranceway and closet.  On top of that there was certainly and most importantly a need for a third bedroom.

families helping families

Doors, Windows, Windows, Doors...

families helping families

There was work to be done to create an open, airy floor plan as well as changes in the master bedroom to increase closet space.

Visualizing even further, Michael took out 2 more doors, replacing them with windows and, added instead a sliding door on the rear wall heading out to the back yard. The kitchen has now been opened up with wonderful sightlines from the front to the back yard.  This is progressive planning for what will be a very busy young family with young children.

families helping families

Cycle of Life

families helping families

Everything is framed now; ready for dry wall.  This is where it becomes ‘families helping families’.  Everyone knew, from the beginning, that completion wouldn’t be finished in time for the new additions to the family.  However, Michael being Michael works diligently – even with his own children in tow.  The cycle of life is truly repeating itself.

Scheduling Counts

families helping families

These schedules will change now, babies have been born, drywall and sanding must happen.  With everyone working in tandem with the babies being the stars of the show – they’ll soon all enjoy their newly renovated family home.

Finding a Renovator

families helping families

One of the hardest things when choosing a renovator is finding one that suits your schedule and timeframe.  Maybe even more importantly, if the timeframe is too tight, you must be able to have a contractor that understands your needs and the importance of scheduling.  This meeting of minds creates a relationship that can work for many years.  This is something that Michael has in spades.  Being a dad of young children himself, he not only understands the need for their schedules to be held as a priority, but how to create a space that allows for the best of childhood memories to be made, in the safest possible manner.

families helping families

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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