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The Resin Obsession

The Resin Obsession
The resin obsession is the latest artistic medium to take social media and other online forums by storm. People are...
The Resin Obsession

The resin obsession is the latest artistic medium to take storm social media and other online forums. People are captivated by its versatility and the sleek, glossy finish it gives to any project. Once used solely for engineering and construction projects, epoxy resin has infiltrated the art world as one of the most dazzling ways to create one-of-a-kind art.

Gaining Popularity

The Resin Obsession

While the trend has been around for a while, it’s quickly gaining popularity in Canada. With that said, there are thousands of how-to videos and social media accounts that feature breathtaking projects that look as if a master artist created them.

What's your Skill Level?

The Resin Obsession

One of the best qualities of epoxy resin as an art medium is that any artist of any skill level can use it and produce incredible art that is suitable for display or sale.

Do you Have the Resin Obsession?

The Resin Obsession

Some resin artists preserve coins, photographs, seashells, or other items in tables or countertops for a work of art that doubles as a functional piece. Other artists colour resin and pour it in intricate patterns to create “faux geodes” and kaleidoscopes of colour. Puzzle enthusiasts preserve their most challenging puzzles in epoxy resin and turn them into permanent pieces of wall art.

It's Just Like Magic

The Resin Obsession

The epoxy resin hardens into a highly durable plastic substance. Unlike most plastics that are cloudy and prone to scratches and dullness, epoxy resin holds up to wear and retains its trademark shine.

Some beginning epoxy resin artists may fear that they can’t achieve the same finish as more experienced artists. With a few tips and tricks, it’s easy to remove bubbles, dust, and any other irregularities for the same result as a project crafted by a resin artist with years of experience.

Since epoxy resin is easily accessible and inexpensive, it’s the perfect medium for new artists to try out techniques, colour mixing, patterns, and painting to discover what methods they like best and what pieces they want to create.

Heirloom Pieces

The Resin Obsession

As epoxy resin continues to gain popularity in North America and beyond, artists of all skill levels will continue to find new ways to use it for amazing projects and accent pieces. It’s a unique art form for artists of every background and experience levels to express themselves with distinctive art pieces that will last for years to come.

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