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Time to Consider Home Improvements

Time to Consider Home Improvements
The time to consider home improvements is now. Spring will arrive shortly bringing exterior construction...
Time to Consider Home Improvements

The time to consider home improvements is now. Spring will arrive shortly, bringing exterior construction projects into full swing.

Repair or Replace

Time to Consider Home Improvements

Once again, we’re looking at higher costs and questionable supply chains. This makes your need to decide even more timely. It might be an excellent plan to check with contractors to see if they can fulfil contracts obligations.

If it’s roofing that you’re thinking of, there are a few considerations to make. If you question whether to replace or repair your roof, a conversation with a reliable roofing company can help.
Some people think that having a professional repair is ultra-expensive. However, a contractor can thoroughly investigate the situation, and understanding roofing systems will quickly know where the issues may be.

There are Options

Time to Consider Home Improvements

A good contractor can offer options or upgrades that save money for you in other areas, such as heating and air conditioning costs.
Whether the end decision is to replace or repair, the contractor will need information from you to do his job correctly. He’ll have a list of questions for you and likely want to walk your roof. Once that’s done, he’ll be able to give you a quote.

Reputation Counts

Time to Consider Home Improvements

A reputable roofing company will also have their finger on the pulse of things and already be very aware of supply chain issues or timing constraints.
In today’s climate, that is a critical consideration for you to make. Many companies scout neighbourhoods promise the world, and they can’t fulfil obligations even if money has been exchanged.

An Award-Winning Company

Time to Consider Home Improvements

Jason Newkirk of JN Roofing, an award-winning roofing company in Barrie and area, suggests having an Owen Corning Roofing System installed if you’re looking at a replacement. He reminds us that this area can experience harsh weather conditions, as we’ve learned only too well.

Jason is proud of the name they’ve earned in the industry and his team. JN Roofing utilizes the best available materials and has unmatched craftsmanship ensuring a quality job every time. Their roofers are accredited, and they always work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Make Your Call

Time to Consider Home Improvements

Suppose you are still considering having roofing work done this year, whether repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to make your calls. Include JN Roofing on your call list for a good conversation and responsible quote. Remember, they know the roofing business from the top down.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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