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Tracking Down Roofing Leaks

Tracking Down Roofing Leaks
Tracking Down Roofing Leaks doesn't need to happen at this time of year while we sit at frigid temperatures, but...
Tracking Down Roofing Leaks

Tracking Down Roofing Leaks doesn’t need to happen at this time of year while we sit at frigid temperatures. However,  leaks can sometimes be a significant problem to locate and repair as the weather warms up.

We’ve put together a bit of information given by the pros on what to expect if you notice a water stain in your home.

Tracking Down Roofing Leaks

A Word from the Pros

Water may enter the roof and travel down under the shingles far from the original entry point, but it doesn’t end there. The water may then run horizontally along the inside of the roof and then down a beam. It can take some real detective work to track down these travelling leaks.
The good news is that many leaks have a predictable origin. As the roof ages, certain areas will commonly develop problems, and by knowing where to look and what to look for, ferreting out those hidden roofing leaks and related damage can be a lot easier. If you’re working with a roofing contractor, they can save you a lot of trouble since they’re experts at pinpointing hidden leaks.

Tracking Down Roofing Leaks

What Causes Roofing Leaks?

Whenever there’s a hole in the roof, whether it’s for a chimney, vent or dish antenna, there’s also going to be the potential for a leak. Flashing may be improperly installed; work loose or the sealant can dry out and crack. There are specially manufactured neoprene boots and flashing that fit around vents and chimneys. These are often a better option than metal flashing when it comes to protecting your roof against leaks.
Roofing leaks can also occur along the lower edges of the roof, where shingles overlap the flashing. In the winter, snow and ice can build up, forming a dam. Water backs up behind this dam and, with nowhere to go, will eventually work its way beneath the shingles and flashing. Many people make the mistake of trying to chip away the ice and, in the process, puncture the flashing. If you have problems with ice building up on your roof, you should talk with your roof repair contractor so he can help you find a solution.

Tracking Down Roofing Leaks

Tracking down Roofing Leaks – When it's Not the Roof's Fault

Sometimes what appears to be a roof leak may actually be caused by poor attic insulation. This can especially be a problem in winter when heated interior air comes in contact with the cold underside of a roof.   When this happens, it invariably creates condensation. Additional insulation and proper ventilation may be needed to solve the problem.
Once you understand how roofing leaks develop and where they are most likely to develop, you have a much better chance of tracking down the problem and getting it fixed.

Once you’ve completed ‘discovery’, it’s a good time to talk to one of Barrie’s best-known roofing companies. The one we often go to for up to date information is JN Roofing. JN Roofing has a stellar reputation for quality work and service.

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