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20 Best Arcade Games of All Times

20 best arcade games
From the penny arcade to Pong, the first successful arcade video game, we’ve come a long way in the last...
20 best arcade games

From the penny arcade to Pong, the first successful arcade video game, we’ve come a long way in the last century in arcade attractions.

So just for fun, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 arcade games.

A Blast from the Past

20 best arcade games

As early as the 1930’s pinball machines gave a lot of satisfaction to many people.  Testing their manual dexterity while they racked up points, it was yet another way to prove their abilities.

Arcades had a rocky start to be sure.  Stateside, they have had a long and turbulent history with those in power until finally becoming legal in 1976.  This happened in New York City following a demonstration of the game by Roger Sharp, who was then considered to be the world’s best player.  Once that happened, arcade games saw unprecedented growth, both in arcade centers and home gaming systems.

Along came Atari

20 best arcade games

The concept of home gaming totally erupted in 1977 with the Atari system.  Then in the 1980’s it was Pac-Man that had the most lasting effects on the youth of that time.  Do you think Atari made the list of the top 20 arcade games?

Today video games abound to entrance both young and old alike.  There is something for everyone from “Match 3” to incredibly visual street racing and war games.

Introducing Last Level Lounge

20 best arcade games

Here in Barrie, at Last Level Lounge, you can take a trip back to the “good ole days”.  Last Level Lounge is a dream come true for arcade lover and memorabilia collector Aron Maslan and wife Jamie.

From Barcade to Barrie

20 best arcade games

Always passionate about arcade games, they visited Barcade in New York – loved it – and wanted to replicate it here in Barrie.

Becoming an institution of our downtown core, Last Level Lounge takes the older generation back to childhood while giving younger visitors a tasted of what was.

For a $5.00 entrance charge, (when the world re-opens) you can play to your heart’s content.

Unlike Other Arcades

20 best arcade games
20 best arcade games

Unlike arcades of the past, here you can enjoy a themed cocktail (one of their signature favs is the Baby Yoda), or order from the menu supplied by their neighbour and menu partner, Chavo Crepes.

Customers visiting their now open patio are often heard to exclaim “Why haven’t I come here before?  This is a real tribute to times past!”

Aron makes sure to keep visitors on their toes by alternating games every couple of months, although his favourite game, Pinbot can usually be found.

Incredible Memorabilia

20 best arcade games
20 best arcade games

With incredible memorabilia to check out – everything from a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger to Harry Potter nostalgia – there’s something for everyone.

Top 20 Arcade Games according to Seb


Donkey Kong 


Miss Pac-Man

Mario Brothers

Space Invaders

Missile Command



Robotron 2084

Street Fighter II

Spy Hunter 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Golden Axe

Sega Rally 


Bubble Bobble

Time Crisis



Metal Slug 

For your favourite arcade games and a blast from the past, make sure to visit Last Level Lounge at 72 Dunlop Street East in Barrie..

Now that we’re into Stage 3 make sure to call and see if there’s space to play. 

For even more fun, be sure to check this out!

20 best arcade games

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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Those are definitely some great games !