Gussapolooza Submissions Are Open For 2023

Gussapolooza Submissions Are Open For 2023

The date is set for Gussapolooza 2023.

On the weekend of Sept. 15 to 17, 2023, the premier festival for independent musicians and creatives from all over the country will take place again at the picturesque Georgian Bay Steam Show Grounds in Cookstown.

Last year, over 70 independent acts spanning multiple genres from all over Canada performed at the event. The festival drew in music lovers, radio executives, studio engineers, independent record labels, and online music curators, as well as filmmakers, painters, craft makers, and aspiring artists.

The Gussapolooza Music Festival is a one-of-kind, three-day interactive celebration of Canadian independent music and art. With an emphasis on emerging original artists, the festival is unique in that it is not focused on a packed roster of headlining bands. Instead, Gussapolooza provides opportunities for up-and-coming artists by giving them a forum to perform, gain exposure, and network with industry professionals.

Gussapolooza also provides the performers with an opportunity to be selected as one of the top three award winners as determined by a panel of adjudicators as well as through fan votes. The prizes are significant and can be a real game changer for independent musicians.

In 2022, The Human Drive from Newmarket took home the first prize, which consisted of studio time, radio play on Barrie FM station Rock 95, as well as a generous cash prize donated by Painted Door Realty. Gussapolooza not only provided the group with a great opportunity to perform, but it also gave them a renewed motivation and the means to keep creating.

“Stories like The Human Drive are what Gussapolooza is all about,” says Russell Robson, founder and organizer. “It’s tough for independent artists and musicians out there, these days especially. How many bands are throwing in the towel because no one will give them a chance to thrive? We want to provide a space for creators to connect with music and art lovers, and foster a community of support and opportunity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

“We want to bring attention to these great bands and artists and give them a chance to get discovered,” says Valerie Robson, main organizer. “We believe this festival is what the local independent music and art scenes are looking for right now. The support we have had after Gussapolooza 2022 is proof of that. I’m already getting flooded with calls from bands and artists that want to be a part of it next year.”

Gussapolooza Music Festival offers a wide variety of different genres including rock, country, hip-hop, and singer-songwriters from all over Canada. Festival goers are encouraged to camp for the weekend in tents or RVs while they immerse themselves in music, comedy, and art, as well as shop at a wide selection of local food vendors and merchants.

Pre-sale tickets will be available soon to the public.

Artist/band submissions are open now and can be submitted online at www.gussapolooza.com/submissions.

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