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Are You a ‘Mane Addict’?

are you a mane addict
Are You a 'Mane Addict'?Human's age-old obsession with beauty has seen the invention and refinement of make-up...

Human’s age-old obsession with beauty has seen the invention and refinement of make-up through to fashion. Why should hair be any different?  Are you a ‘mane addict’?

Hair is seen as a traditional symbol of health and beauty in countless cultures. One of the human’s earliest beauty accessories, luscious locks have always been desirable. And what goes hand-in-hand with great hair; great hair extensions.

We’ve asked a local expert to tell us what’s new and exciting in the world of extensions and styles.

are you a mane addict

We've Uncovered Nicole Ritchie

Nicole, a Senior Stylist and Colourist, who also specializes in Extensions, works locally at Chatters South here in Barrie. Having Nicole’s experience locally allows for the same phenomenal products and services available in the big city at a more affordable cost.

After completing her schooling at Visions Hair Academy, Nicole apprenticed at The McKinnon House in Newmarket. Having thirteen  years with tools in hand and eleven years fully liscensed,  Nicole tells us that one of the her most significant abilities is to be California trained by Bellami professionals. 

Are You a Mane Addict? Check out the Styles of 2022

are you a mane addict

As an all around artist Nicole tells everyone that ‘hair has no gender’, ‘show the world who you are’.
Discussing trends opened a new perspective on what stylists are dealing with now.  More notable trends– Shadow roots  and Balayage– came about because of lockdown fears. After the first go-round, clients asked for styles and colours that would last longer should we ever go through that again.

are you a mane addict
are you a mane addict

Nicole also told us that Tic Tok has blown up with new styles within the Millenial and GenZ audiences. Check out Curtain Bangs, the Wolf Cut (formally known as a shag) or Mullets. With tongue in cheek, she also mentioned that the new Mullet is very ‘fashion forward’ with more tastefulness)

On the Discussion of Extensions

are you a mane addict
are you a mane addict

Nicole’s concern for her clients shows in how she discusses extensions. She wants to make sure that every client understands the value of natural products, where they come from and how to care for them. She wants everyone to learn to live with their hair.

Chatters Salon, where Nicole reigns, uses Bellami extensions. These extensions are of the utmost quality, sourced from different parts of Asia including Russia if you happen to be blonde. She explained that these top-quality extensions, along with an experienced stylist, should last approximately a year with proper maintenance.


are you a mane addict
are you a mane addict

While part of the maintenance takes place in the salon, she teaches her clients the necessary care and routines to follow at home. Most importantly, use the most natural products without sulfates or parabens, along with the proper brushes to move natural oils throughout your hair.
Nicole invites anyone who is a mane addict or has been considering extensions or is just curious about them to take a look at her Instagram ‘hairbycoleee’. Here, you’ll see many exciting new opportunities to make your hair a ‘natural accessory’.

are you a mane addict
are you a mane addict

If you’d like to read further on hair extensions, click here.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronica Kovecses & Nicole Ritchie

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