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3 Tips To Bring Down Your Catering Budget

Need To Bring Your Catered Event In On Budget? Here are 3 Reasons Tips To Keep Catering Cost Down, Presented by Cain's Catering! Connect With Them Today To Book Your Festive Gala.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a charity event or any other type of party, the lion’s share of your budget will be spent on the food. 

So, what if you need to save a bit of cash, but also don’t want to resort to a potluck or rubber chicken buffet line?

With these three insider tips, you can save money and still have the type of reception everyone will enjoy. Scroll on for more!

Schedule Your Reception at an Off-Hour

If you hold an evening reception, your guests will expect – and be hungry for – a full meal. Choose a different time to ensure their expectations (and their appetite) won’t be quite as sizeable.

Lunch and brunch allow you to scale back your catering expenses. If those times don’t appeal to you or work for your event, holding a cocktail hour reception is a terrific alternative.

During the later afternoon or early evening (between 4:00 and 6:00 PM, for example), your guests are likely to be less hungry. Set your menu to feature passed hors-d’oeuvres and a couple of “grazing stations” with gourmet popcorns, nuts and fruit. This allows you to spend a little more money on upscale appetizers, and provides a lovely experience for your guests. The cheaper grazing options will fill in the gaps for those guests who need more sustenance.


Rethink Your Reception Menu

When planning your reception, consider a departure from the standard chicken-beef-fish options. Instead, opt for a food theme that will save you money while giving your guests a more entertaining repast.

For example, consider an Italian-themed menu. Pasta dishes generally cost less (often much less) than other dishes and most of your guests won’t mind if meat isn’t the star of the movie. Add a salad and bread, and your guests be full and happy.

In addition, few guests clamor for cake after they’ve eaten a dessert with their meal. So why not serve wedding cake for dessert, rather than adding a dessert to your reception catering menu?


Choose Plated Food Rather than a Buffet

Reception catering often costs more when you choose buffet-style service, rather than plated food.

Guests are usually very poor at portion control, especially those who respond enthusiastically to what they view as “free food.” Others may skip a food item and instead help themselves to a double serving of a different dish. Consequently, to avoid running out of any given dish, the caterer must prepare more of each item than you may need.

So, although you may pay a little extra for the service aspect of plated reception catering, your caterer won’t have to allot for self-service portions. You will waste less food and – bonus! – your guests will enjoy a more luxurious experience.

Plan Your Catered Meals Today With Cain's Catering!

No matter how big your guest list, or how far off on the calendar it is, you’ll want to ensure the grub is good, and ordered on time. 

Call Diane at Cain’s Catering to go over your menu! It’s never too early to book, especially at this time of year. From quick eats to full-service catering, Cain’s has the perfect menu for you!

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