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4 Restaurants For Vegans and Vegetarians in Barrie

4 Restaurants For Vegans and Vegetarians in Barrie
Barrie is home to a number of incredible vegan and vegetarian restaurants...


Barrie is home to a number of incredible vegan and vegetarian restaurants, converting curious carnivores with delicious vegan burgers, plant-based lasagna and barbecued jackfruit – dishes that often rival the real thing. Here’s 4 places (that are open for takeout and delivery) to get your non meat on.

4 Restaurants For Vegans and Vegetarians in Barrie


100% Vegan (or, as their hats and Tshirts say…Vegan AF) the Vegan pantry on Ross street offers up a packed menu of baked goods and hearty meal items.

You can dive into their menu of vegan and gluten-free sweets, including brownies, doughnuts, Nanaimo bars, and cookies. Plus, everything is made with refined sugar-free and doesn’t use any artificial colours or flavours.

On the savoury side, to-go meals include pizza, burgers, lasagna, lentil bowls, and cauliflower wings.

During the lockdown they’ve been offering curbside, as well as meal kits for veggie burgers and meals on wheels to the surrounding regions. Check their Insta for updates.


 With a menu ranging from hot dogs, to chilil, to classic sandwhich orders like Cubano, Pastrami and Turk’y club, Valiant’s on Dunlop is a go to for lighter but tasty food fare.

Just in time for BBQ season, they also have a full selection of vegan, plant-based meat and sauces to fill the grill. And don’t forget about their newer dessert-esque items, like donuts.


A destination of choice for plant based and vegan juice indulgences, Ripe has a rainbow of healthy, invigorating drink choices and meals.

Kale caesar salad, quinoa squash, and hummus with raw crackers are just some of the menu items to  compliment the juice lineup. Drink Your Salad, Morning Sunshine and Iron Man are just a few of the cleverly named energy boosting sipping choices.


Anyone who has spent some time downtown knows what an inviting spot Lazy Tulip is.

The cafe/eatery provides some of the tastiest vegan and plant based fare in the region, including lunch and brunch favs.

Tulip hash, Poached Avocado Toast and Scrambled Organic Tofu are just a couple of the midday nosh specialties. And they have a plethora of tasty teas and coffees for after.

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