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5 Wine Delivery Options in Barrie

Wine delivery in Barrie is needed more than ever right now. As the Covid...


Wine delivery in Barrie is needed more than ever right now. As the Covid crunch is felt over the holidays, a (responsible) glass of the good stuff really does help take the edge off. And given that the holidays are always prime for booze gift giving, it makes sense to order in some white or red as a present.

Luckily, there’s no need to leave the house for the LCBO! Bottles and even cases (no judgement) can be shipped to your door.

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5 Wine Delivery Options in Barrie 

Wine Online

You can be find wines on this site based on food pairings, wood presence and even farming methods. They also have special sections to shop top wines, 90+ point wines and value wines.

Great Estates Niagara/Wine Rack

Wine Rack and other products are sold by the bottle through this site that also has several wine club options you can sign up for.

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery offers beer, wine and liquor delivery in Barrie and surrounding areas of Central Ontario. They offers service 7 days a week, and provide a discreet service to protect your privacy.

The Beer Guy

The Beer Guy offers over 3000 brands of wine available for home delivery. They provide Barrie wine pricing, Barrie wine images, Barrie wine package sizes, Barrie wine descriptions, and even articles about Barrie wine.

And keep in mind that many local restaurants and pubs can offer booze delivery with your food order! All of the same restrictions apply for visiting the LCBO; proper identification has to be shown.

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