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All in a Wrap – Try One Today

all in a wrap
Die-hard sandwich fan? We spend thousands of dollars for this habit. A lot of money spent for veggies, cheese...
all in a wrap

Are you a die-hard sandwich fan?  In fact, it’s been said that we spend tens of thousands of dollars in our lifetime fueling this habit.  That’s a lot of money spent for veggies, cheese and meat encased between two slices of bread; or all in a wrap.  Surprisingly the average person will eat over 18,000 sandwiches in a lifetime.

Surprise - Now We Like it all in a Wrap

all in a wrap

A new and even more surprising fact has come to light though.  We now eat our sandwich combinations more often all in a wrap rather than on sliced bread.  Why?

The convenience of the wrap is absolute.  You can put a whole meal in a roll-up, hot or cold.  There’s so much versatility with a wrap.  You can buy wraps nearly anywhere; even at convenience stores.

With this simple rolled design they’re mess free and incredibly easy to eat on the go without spilling everywhere.  Better yet, you can choose large or small sized wraps; snack or meal-that’s so convenient.

Lastly you can become a mad scientist.  Who knew that Nutella could go with so many things?

Deciding on passing up the more mundane lunch box sandwich can open up avenues to great flavours and healthy eating.

Preparing a Wrap

all in a wrap

Preparing a wrap can be loads of fun.  They’re fresh and satisfyingly filled with veggies and meat or an alternate protein choice.  However, the secret ingredient is the sauce or dressing.  Whichever you choose brings all the flavour, texture and taste sensations together into one great bite, all in a wrap.

all in a wrap

If making a few take the time to set out all your fixings and then lay out your choice of wrap.  Spread a small amount of sauce on each followed with your veggies and protein.  The secret to an incredible wrap is to then drizzle on more of your sauce on top of that before finishing.

Fold one end in slightly; then turn and roll, creating a to-go package like no other.   Wrap up in foil or waxed paper, pack up and enjoy when ready.

An Entire Meal

all in a wrap

We’ve enjoyed many home-style wraps over the years, but recently we’ve noticed more and more ethnic food wraps available.  One of the most surprisingly enjoyable comes from Tandoori Kingdom on Blake Street.  They serve incredible wraps.  It’s almost as though you choose your meal and they kindly roll it up all in a wrap.  This is certainly one to check out very soon again.  What a nutritious and filling meal on the go – especially if you choose to order an ‘oh so smooth’ Lassie or shake to drink with it.

all in a wrap

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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