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May Entertainment @ The Queens

April Entertainment @ The Queens

May Entertainment @ The Queens

Every month, the Queens Hometown Bar is bringing the noise, and the bands, to Barrie.

If you’re game for going out, the Dirty Q is guaranteed to have a gig for you every week. Whether you’re craving an alt rock blowout, an EDM dance sesh, or a laid back acoustic set, Thursday through Sunday are jammed with jams from local talent and edgy bands from across the region.

And it’s not just music! The hometown pub is home to a terrific spread of entertainment and excitement to level up your evenings.

Here’s a preview of the concerts and entertainment coming to the Queen’s this month…


Pillars of Autumn, Battlescarred, Half Way Through Hell,

Cruelintent – May 1st

666 Cover Night-6- Bands 6 Songs  – May 5th

Rival Town, Latchkey, Hey Slugger, Dear Youth – May. 12th

The Last Gang (Fat Wreck Chords) with Angry Spells & 30 Going on 13 – May 19th

AMH (Adam and The Metal Hawks) with guests Revive the Rose, Drop Top Alibi & Bigfoots Hand – May 29th

Girlz Up Front – May 6th

Barstool Academy – May 7th

Steve’s Garage Band – May 13th

Barstool Confessions – May 14th

Bottoms Up – May 20th

Big Furry Tractor – May 21st

The Freds – May 27th

Peasant Kings – May 28th


Any crooners in the crowd? Show off your pipes on Monday nights. There is no charge to take part, and you can indulge in a few drams of liquid courage to make your performance really warble.


Barroom trivia slayer? Get your quiz on every Thursday!

If you are one of those acerbic conversationalists who can start a discussion on anything by calling on troves of weird info lodged somewhere in your hippocampus, eternal (or at least weekly) bragging rights awaits you at the Queens.

Beginning at 7pm and hosted by Darren McDonald, Trivia nights serve as more than just a night out for Jeopardy aficionados. You can also gorge on food and drink specials though out the evening’s festivities. So even if you flame out on the queries, you’ll have a wonderfully percolated palate to show for it.

Town Trivia

Game Day

With the NHL and the NBA playoffs in full swing, and the Blue Jays going yard most nights, there will be loads of sports dates to circle on your Google calendars this month. Park yourself in close proximity to the big screens on the sports side and see every minute.


The cure for big night out…is a big breakfast. And starting this month you can clear out the weekend cobwebs every Saturday and Sunday morning with a full slate of traditonal morning-after fare.

Beginning at 9, and served right through the day, you can scare away the hangover with full plates of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and pancakes.

Hit Up The Queens Website For Reservations and Menus. And Follow Them on Insta and FB To Stay Connected!

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