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The Ultimate Gaming Snack Guide

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The Ultimate Gaming Snack Guide

Gaming and snacks go together like lightsabers and severed limbs. (That’s the first Star Wars reference, but not the last)

For netziens, nothing is more frustrating than having to pause a precision assault on bullet sponges for the mundanity of eating. Committed gamers learn early on that the key to leveling up is to stay nourished while grinding.

On-hand nosh is the solution. Indeed, arcade game producers came to this conclusion decades ago, and have been installing drink and snack holders in gaming dashboards since the 70s. The popularity of a game could quickly be discerned by the amount of potato chip crumbs scattered around its console.  

But what is the optimal menu item for gaming superiority? 

Check out this list to power up and power through your next digital session.

The Ultimate Gaming Snack Guide

Pizza – A tasty wheel will always find a place in gamer’s hearts, and side tables. Easy to digest and packed with carbs, ‘za was made to reduce your AFK time.

Doritos – The quintessential gamer snack, Doritos are ideal for munching while making mayhem in the virtual sphere. But beware the dreaded Dorito dust; keep napkins or wet wipes nearby or your console could end up looking like a crime scene.   

Chicken Nuggets – A punch of protein that will hold up the next day, chicken nuggies (draped in honey or barbecue sauce) should be near and dear to your gaming system.

Coke – The classic soft drink is bad for your teeth, but in the interests of staying awake, its a must-have. Monster or Mountain Dew are high caffeine alternatives if cola is not your jam. 

Cheez its – Really, this applies to any cheese cracker. Zesty and perfect size for the toss-and-catch, you won’t have to take your eyes off the screen to get your snack on.

Hershey’s Kisses – The classic chocy delivery system that allows you to enjoy a sweet-tasting surge, while you properly chainsaw someone’s face off in Fortnite. 

Beer – You KNEW we would get here eventually. A wobbly pop or two makes for a refreshing pairing whilst you mow down virtual enemy hoards. Yet it’s vital to stay in the sweet spot; you don’t want to get destroyed because you overindulged.    

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