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Town Trivia At The Queens

Town Trivia At The Queens

Barroom Trivia Slayer? Get Your Quiz on at The Queens

If you are one of those acerbic conversationalists who can start a discussion on anything by calling on troves of weird info lodged somewhere in your hippocampus, eternal (or at least weekly) bragging rights awaits you at the Queens.

On top of being THE destination in Barrie for live music, the stalwart pub on Dunlop presents trivia buffs the chance to engage in quiz battle every Thursday.

Bar trivia began in England in the 1970s. Designed to entice people inside to order drinks on slower nights, the competitions quickly gained popularity, providing both a hike in the coffers for small businesses and a social occasion for bar patrons.

Town Trivia host Darren McDonald has carried on that ale house tradition.

Fans of pop culture, music, history, and myriad random topics can capitalize on their insider intel and work together in teams to secure prizes. While also basking in the warm glow that comes from nailing an obscure brainteaser.

Good Eats and Good Times

Trivia nights serve as more than just a night out for Jeopardy aficionados. The Queens offers food and drink specials though out the evening’s festivities. So even if you flame out on the queries, you’ll have a wonderfully percolated palate to show for it. Trivia is also an inspired idea for team building, or an outing with the hockey guys.

Or date nights! Nothing says romance like teaming up to trounce competitors in the general knowledge arena.

And it will cost you nothing to throw your proverbial cap into the ring! Trivia nights are free, with new content and categories every week.

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