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Love Your Lunch – Liven Up The Noon Hour Break Part 1

The majority of us have almost exactly the same lunch EVERY DAY. In fact, more than a third of office workers in North America (pre-Covid) have eaten a variation of the the same midday repast… for the last nine months.

But how can we break out of our lunchtime auto pilot and indulge in something that will taste good and we’ll actually remember eating?

Barrie has a full menu of midday destinations that will inspire as well satisfy.

This week we’ll offer up a couple of cool destinations to put the zip back in your ziplock.

Liven Up Lunch – Tandoori Kingdom

If we eat together, we achieve more. A study run by Cornell University showed that co-workers who shared a meal, worked better together in the workplace. And shared their fries, which is clearly vital for co-operation at the office.

And nothing inspires great conversation like great food. Tandoori Kingdom provides the setting, and the nosh to achieve both.

Power Lunches, Trendy Food

Indian cuisine dates back over 5000 years. Each region has its own traditions, religions and culture that influence its food, which is why it’s such a trendy and cool meal.

There’s always one or two occasions a month when you need to add some zip to your work lunch routine. Maybe it’s a power lunch, or a client meeting, or a team outing. Tandoori Kingdom’s menu is fantastic way to energize the midday hour. Packed with authentic Indian cuisine, your lunch will have a built in conversation starters. Not to say that a burger or a sub is lacking in imagination, but consider how much easier it is to break the ice with a potential client or a teammate when the offerings are as unique and intriguing as the menu here.

Sitting down to a flavorful spread like that offered at Tandoori Kingdom is the perfect spark for creativity. Kicking around ideas while sampling their delectable range of chicken curry or vegetable dishes is a far more engaging invitation than brainstorming in the coffee room over a bag of vending machine chips.

And as if you need any more incentive, they are open on Thanksgiving! Mention Barrie Uncovered when you order and get free delivery if you prefer to have their fine dining brought to you this long weekend. Ph: 705 503-1400

Book your next power lunch at Tandoori Kingdom! And enjoy an impressive meal to impress your guest.

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