Quesada Celebrates

Kunal Patel has arrived.  She’s come from working in an office to starting a brand new business five long years ago.  Quesada Celebrates! Burritos and Tacos on Bayfield Street is the place to eat Tex-Mex in Barrie, and we were there to help celebrate their 5-year anniversary.

Quesada's Celebrate with the Freshest of Food

Quesada Celebrates

With everything made in-house, salsas, guacamole and all the toppings it’s all as fresh as fresh can be.  There are lots to choose from as well, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, burrito bowls and tortilla salads.  Mexican food at its finest, hand held and ready to go.

Kunal tells everyone, ‘It’s not about the deals. It’s about the meals and providing quality food as fresh as possible.’

Steve Gill, the man behind Quesada, discovered a passion for burritos while living in Denver, Colorado.  He was quickly hooked on the complexity and variety of flavours and the use of fresh, wholesome ingredients.  He loved the ability to customize his meal and try new flavour combinations every time. When he returned to Canada, he became a man with a mission; to create a Canadian-owned Mexican-inspired restaurant. The result – Quesada Burritos & Tacos, was born.  Now there are over a hundred locations throughout Canada.

Eat-in, Take Out, and So Much More...

Quesada Celebrates

Quesada on Bayfield Street is a neighbourhood and family favorite.  Not only can you pick up your ready to eat meals, but there are also meal kits and catering services available as well.  What a great opportunity for your next office luncheon. (No need to worry if there are dietary or vegetarian concerns) as there is so much to choose from.  Everyone makes a made to order meal with all the toppings provided. You have so much to choose from.  Maybe you’d like a build your own tacos station, or platters of ready-made.  No matter what the occasion, Quesada’s has you covered.  Choose from finger foods to hearty meals.

And...a New Reward Program...

Quesada Celebrates

With the staff being so friendly, the food so fresh, and service always happening with a smile…this is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal. Even better yet, as of April 11 this year, there is an all-new Quesada Rewards program.  It’s a very rewarding program with 10 points earned with every dollar spent, excluding gift cards and alcohol.

Join In as Quesada Celebrates!

Quesada Celebrates

Whether it’s ‘Taco Tuesdaze’ or ‘Meatless Fridays’ Quesada’s has the choices for you. In fact, forget everything you know about burritos.  Quesada is all about complex, intriguing, Mexican-inspired flavours – a true ‘foodie’ experience. Join Kunal and her family and celebrate making it through a couple of tough years and being here for this anniversary.

For some fun-filled facts about Mexican food, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

What’s your fav when ordering Mexican? Are you a Guac Lover or not? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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