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St. Paddy’s In Barrie: The Queens

ST Patrick's day green beer

St. Paddy’s In Barrie: The Queens

The luck of the Irish is with us this year. St. Patrick’s Day in Barrie is shaping up to be quite a celebration, with the return of full capacity pubs and enough green drinks to fill Lake Simcoe.

Epic parties and events promising live music and Irish fare will be back, bringing Blarney pride to the streets of the city.

And the first stop on your Celtic heritage journey should be the Queens. With drink specials, live music and loads of shamrock infused fun, the Hometown pub is primed for a major March 17th blowout.

Headlined by The Fred Grant Squares, the tunes and the drinks will be flowing as soon as the doors are open.

You can hit up their website for more, and for reservation inquiries.

St. Paddy’s In Barrie: The Queens

The Morning After Cures

No matter how much endurance you possess, a spirited St. Paddy’s evening will almost certainly result in a sore head…and frequent trips to the toilet bowl.

Bluntly, there is no way to avoid a hangover on March. 18th. But you can minimize it’s severity with a few home based remedies. We’ve collected a few methods you can try to ease the aching guts this year…


Really, any sports drink will do the trick. Anything packed with electrolytes — sodiumpotassiummagnesium, and calcium — help regulate fluid levels in the body, and will get yours back to par.

No sports drink in sight? Try drinking plain water and chomping foods that are naturally packed with electrolytes; pretzels, a banana, or cooked spinach. (Hey, at least it’s green)

A good idea is to pack the fridge with five or six “ades” of your choice the night before so they are in easy reach when you wake up. The short walk to Circle K can seem like crossing the Sahara when you are under the weather.


In addition to rehydrating, a smoothie smothered in berries, Greek yogurt and almond milk will help to soothe your stomach. The berries are packed with antioxidants, which help to mitigate the inflammatory impact of booze.

Just be sure to have earplugs handy to lessen the loudness of the blender; your head will thank you.


An oldie, but a goodie. Sleeping will aid in your detox, and stave off the worst of the hangover. Try using earplugs and masks for your eyes to block out any interruptions to your slumber. Getting jolted awake when you are still half in the bag can trigger stomach gymnastics that will be bad news for your bathroom floor.

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