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The Art Of Pub Conversation

The Art Of Pub Conversation

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The Art Of Pub Conversation

You’ve been there before.

Sitting in a lively establishment, drink in hand, a pleasant looking fellow patron within eyesight.

Inevitably, the vibrant atmosphere propels you beyond the confines of your comfort zone when (finally) you summon the fortitude to approach them.

You make the too long/not long enough walk across the room to introduce yourself and say…what?

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For the most part, conversational etiquette is locked in. We break the ice with a greeting, we exit with an adieu. We lob questions and await replies before chiming in. Until it comes to the illustrious art of chatting with people at bars. 

Is there a formula for great pub conversation that doesn’t cross the line into unwelcome opportunism?

In the interest of your future serendipitous exchanges while on a night out in Barrie, we’ve scoured the four corners of the internet to curate a list of tips.

Town Trivia At The Queens

Look For Signs

Unless you are at a speed dating event, not everybody you approach in a public space will want to engage. Read the room — if you say hello and they recoil, leave it at that. 

Be Courteous

Stop worrying about whether or not you should, in fact, approach. Be courteous, and introduce yourself with all of the decorum you would expect when meeting someone.

But back off, promptly, if your advances are unwanted. 

Remember, nobody is owed anything. If someone buys you a drink, or compliments your watch, you are under zero obligation to reciprocate, or even speak to them. Conversation is sometimes just that: Conversation. 

Talk about something

If you want to have a GOOD conversation with someone, have something to converse about. Do they have a book with them? Do you know something about the whiskey they’re sipping? Are you both members of a scuba diving club?

Find actual interesting content to discuss. It will always work better than, “hey”.

St Paddy’s at the Queens

Of course, if you are smart enough to invite a friend or strike up a chat at the Queens, you can always gush over the nosh.

The Hometown Pub is offering a slew of Irish infused treats on the 17th, to ring in St. Paddy’s day in Barrie.

On top of the food (and customary green tinged bevys) there will be live music, and a healthy dose of Celtic shenanigans.

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