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The Golden Rules Of Cocktails

The Golden Rules Of Cocktails

The Golden Rules Of Cocktails

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James Bond may have made the shaken cocktail famous…but we’re glad his expertise is in espionage, and not drink creation.

The fact is Martinis are supposed to be stirred — it’s one of the golden rules of cocktail-making.

And if 007 didn’t know that, we’re guessing you might not have known that either.

Scroll on for a few tips to level up your cocktail-making game!

The Golden Rules Of Cocktails

Only Stir Drinks That Have Spirits

Cocktails made of only spirits need to be stirred to generate the crystal clear look of the drink. This includes the likes of Manhattans, Negronis, and — of course — Martinis.

If Your Drink Has Eggs, Citurs or Dairy — Shake.

Cocktails made with citrus, eggs, dairy, or cream liqueurs need to be shaken to properly emulsify the non-booze ingredients. This includes bevys like the White Russian or the Pisco Sour.

Double Strain When Berries Or Herbs Are Involved

Anything made with berries with small seeds, or herbs (basil, for instance), needs to be double strained. Moreover, you should double check that any bits and/or flecks of fruit are not floating around in your glass. Not only is it bad form, it’s bad luck.

Leave Lime Or Lemon Juice Out For Four Hours

Citrus juices taste different as they age. Lemon and lime juices are best tasting after they’ve been left to sit for four hours.

On the other hand, oranges need to be used fresh. When an orange is squeezed, an enzyme causes the juice to slowly go bitter — the longer you wait, the worse it will taste. Freshly squeezed, only.

Have A Cocktail @ The Queens

Of course, you could leave the drink slinging to the experts, and spend the evening at the Queens.

Their menu includes a range of classic cocktails, including Sangria, Orange Mojitos and Watermelon Sugar High. More than enough to satisfy your savory drink cravings.

If pub fare is more your speed, they’ve got their usual quality selection of spirits and draught beers, which will taste all the better with a hearty meal.

And this weekend is packed with live music, starting on Friday and continuing to Sunday. Be sure to get in early and score a seat with a view of the big screen or the stage.

What’s Your Fav Cocktail? Let Us Know In The Comments!

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