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TGIF: A Lager So Good The Germans Would Be Envious


Let’s be honest…there are worse ways to kickstart the weekend than with a cold drink.

And yet, it’s easy to fall into a routine of buying the same couple of beverages at your favorite watering hole or the LCBO. Of course, there’s always going to be your standard go-to’s. But mixing it up (get it…mixing???) makes for a fun outing.

With that in mind, we’re taking a shot (bet you thought we would stop with the drinking puns after that first one) at finding you a weekly selection of spirits to liven up your Friday.

This week why don’t your try…







Germans do alot of things very well; Cars. Soccer. Chocolate.

And of course…BEER.

Most beer producers would die happy if their craft creations stacked up well compared to the essential Bavarian ales that have been the stuff of Oktoberfest for centuries.

And this pale from Redline does an admirable job of paying tribute, while not totally mimicking those great German lagers.

It’s vibrant gold colour and foamy head make for an effervescent first impression, while the bready undertones and aromas reflect classic Munich Malts. As you approach the bottom of the glass, it leaves a crisp and dry after taste, providing an ideal compliment to anything meaty or sandwich based  on the menu.

And it’s a very moderate 4.6 ABV, so you can crush more than one without worry of your socks being blown off in one seating.

Find out lots more about Idle Coast right here.

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