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Burnett’s Butcher Shop – Carnivore Heaven

Burnett’s Butcher Shop
If you’ve ever been to Burnett’s Butcher Shop, you’ll know that you’ve been in carnivore heaven. It’s like being in a...
Burnett’s Butcher Shop

If you’ve ever been to Burnett’s Butcher Shop, you’ll know that you’ve been in carnivore heaven.  It’s like being in a candy store for someone with a sweet tooth. Looking around, your imagination runs wild as you dream of the next BBQ or family meal. But better than that even, the staff at Burnett’s are giving up a recipe or two and letting us in on some of their fantastic meals and apps.  This one is available at the shop, ready to cook if you’re not feeling the love of creation.

Burnett’s Butcher Shop

Burnett’s Twinkies

Cook: 12 minutes per side (@ 375 degrees in oven)

            15 minutes per side (@medium high BBQ heat)

 1 hour (In smoker @ 200-225 degrees)

Total: 30 Minutes

Prep: 15 Minutes

Yield: 12 appetizers or serves


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.
  2. Cube Creamy Havarti into small cubes for stuffing.
  3. Hollow out peppers making sure to wear gloves or keep your hands away from your face and wash well when finished. Peppers may be sliced in half lengthways or kept whole, your choice.
  4. Fill each pepper with the Creamy Havarti; putting two pieces back together if you’ve slice them.
  5. Wrap with 2-3 strips of Smoked Bacon
  6. Wrap with 2-3 strips of Triple Smoked Beef Brisket.
  7. Bake according to appliance you’re using. (If you’re using the oven fry the wrapped peppers for about 3 minutes per side to crisp the bacon.)

Just a Note:

Burnett’s Butcher Shop

This is a great appetizer for any gathering or a serving of 2 makes the base for a great meal.  Try serving with roasted potatoes and asparagus with prosciutto.  We’ve roasted our potatoes with Mean Moe’s Bad As Rub and topped it all off with a bold IPA.

A Bit about Burnett’s Butcher Shop

Burnett’s Butcher Shop

Not only is this a carnivore’s delight, but a shoppers haven.  Everything but the beer is available in the store.  There are even bread and dessert choices to make your meal totally complete.  Now that we’ve (hopefully) had the last snow of the season, take out the BBQ and get ready for the best Canadian season of all – BBQ Season.

On a side note:

Burnett’s Butcher Shop

If you haven’t had your Easter Celebration yet, and lamb is on the menu – Burnett’s have you covered.  Shop there for some of the best Ontario Lamb.  It’s heavenly.

For even more delectable finds from Burnett’s Butcher Shop, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott/Burnett’s Butcher Shop

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