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Get a Bevvy This Weekend in the Coziest Coffee Shops in Barrie

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What time is it?  It’s COFFEE time, of course.  Actually, it’s always coffee time, right?  But weekends in particular are a great excuse for a java. Barrie has some of the coziest coffee houses that you may not have visited yet.  Time to find out where to get a bevvy in the coziest coffee shops in Barrie.

The Coziest Coffee Shops in Barrie


The Lazy Tulip
29 Maple Ave, Barrie

This has to be one of the coziest, which is why we have it first on the list. The Lazy Tulip serves Planet Bean coffee which is fair trade and organic.  The Barrie café is of a medium size and if you love the retro and repurposed life, this is the place to go.  The cafe features many thrift store finds, including their huge harvest table. Located directly across from the Barrie Bus Terminal, it’s perfect for a blind date. (With quick access to a waiting taxi, just in case!)  The Lazy Tulip also has a great breakfast and lunch menu.  Yes, they have keto, yes they’ve got gluten-free.  Yes, they’ve got you covered.

Our Suggestions: 

  • Espresso
  • Dirty Chai Latte
  • Prince Edward Lavender Tea – MMmmm

Casa Cappuccino Café
91 Dunlop St E, Barrie

There’s something nostalgic about the Casa Cappuccino Cafe.  Perhaps it’s the weathered seating, the fireplace or the vintage sofa.  This café has a huge share table, which is a great way to meet new people.  You will find Organic fair trade coffee here and they always have interesting seasonal lattes and cappuccinos.  Take a good look around while you are here and you’ll notice that all the artwork is produced by local artists.

Our Suggestions:

  • Americano Coffee and Cranberry White Chocolate Biscotti

Casa Cappuccino Café


Holly’s Sweets and Eats
L-12 Commerce Park Dr, Barrie (South End)

Please tell us you’ve discovered this cozy shop already?  It really should be called a Sweet Emporium.  You’ll find your regular coffees, latte’s and teas and then so much more.  Take a look at Holly’s Sweets and Eats menu for Breakfast/Lunch.  Holly’s also does a semi-annual High Tea.  If you haven’t been to one before, this would be the place to go to.  Tons of gluten free options here.

Our Suggestions: 

  • Keto cupcakes or Macaroons



Sigrid’s Café and Fine Bakery
10 Ross St, Barrie

We know you must have seen this bakery many times and wondered about going inside.  Go ahead and do it! This family-owned Barrie café and bakery has a sitting area inside and the best German/Austrian baked goods to go along with your warm bevvy.  They have many gluten-free options as well as a diabetic menu.  Sigrid’s also has a wide variety of European imported foods.  Definitely worth taking a look at their gallery HERE.


  • Warm KornKnacker bun with butter and hot tea


The Vegan Pantry Bakery & Café
34 Ross St, Barrie

It’s all in the name, Vegan!  If you are dairy-free, then The Vegan Pantry Bakery & Café will be your new second home.  This café offers you everything you could wish for, nachos, bean burgers, cauliflower wings – all vegan.  It’s a small cozy café, just on the other side of DT, away from the hustle and bustle. Very private and small, there’s only seating for 8 inside.  Beware of following them on Facebook, the pictures will literally hurt until you get yourself over there.  Take a look here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Oat Milk S’Mores Hot Choccy  (OMG!)

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