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Experience the Joy of Mex

experience the joy of Mex
It’s what’s inside that count. Bite into Quesada and you’ll experience the Joy of Mex...
experience the joy of Mex

It’s what’s inside that count.  Bite into Quesada and you’ll experience the Joy of Mex.

Always on the Go

experience the joy of Mex

Almost everyone known loves some sort of ‘to-go’ food.  If you live in Barrie, you likely spend a fair bit of time travelling up and down the highway to somewhere.  It’s become a common practice for many people to eat on the go.  Then there’s the guilt of poor food choices, loads of calories, salt and fat.  What a double-edged sword; it’s so convenient and time saving.

How would it be if you were able to have the ‘fast’ food prepped just for you in a slow, homemade style?

Choose the Best in Mexican

experience the joy of Mex

Mexican food as a ‘to-go’ meal is an excellent option.  Loaded with veggies, cheese and great protein choices it’s so very satisfying.  Better yet with Mexican food you get less bread with more of the good stuff…imagine.

Enter Quesada

experience the joy of Mex

Take it to the next step and choose Mexican that really does it all in-house.  Think about it; hand-mashed guacamole and house made salsa with all the veggies prepped right there.  Good Mexican food takes real prep time, but the delicious, complex intrigue of flavours is so worth it.   That’s the real way to experience the joy of Mex.

Barrie now offers this real taste of Mexican at Quesada.  This restaurant, fast food or not, is a foodies paradise.  Here you find that the love of creating each meal is transferred to every bite taken.

Dietary Choices Made Easy

experience the joy of Mex

For nearly every dietary concern there’s an option to be found.  Certainly Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Indo, Keto or Carb conscious are covered.  You’ll find no deep fried food; rather sauces, marinade and salsas made right at the restaurant; everything made from scratch.  The meats are marinated and either roasted or braised.

This choice is such as great ‘to go’ food as everything becomes ‘food in a package’, and that package is made to be eaten.  One of the coolest things is that you can order a complete dinner kit with everything totally ready to sit down with the kids or friends and have a ‘make your own dinner’.

Cool and Wholesome Kids Menu

experience the joy of Mex

Quesada has created a super kids menu as well.  Mini choices for ‘mini-me’s’ with milder flavours.  They’re a bit plainer with a wholesome entrée, juice and treat – allowing those junior taste buds time to acclimatize.  Older kids or even adults checking out Mexican for the first time can easily start with milder sauces and spices.

Meet Kunal

experience the joy of Mex

The owner of Quesada Bayfield, Kunal, is an extremely passionate foodie.  She loves that it’s so east to shop local as well.  She’s created a great relationship with nearby Centra for some of the city’s best fruit and vegetables.

As Kunal mentions, there’s always a lot of prep to do…just like we used to do at home, but the end result is just so darn good. 

With this new North End location the city is really being spoiled.

All the Options

experience the joy of Mex

Quesada offers pickup, delivery, eat-in and catering options as well.  There are often new additions to the menu from their test kitchen to watch for – keep your eye on that and don’t miss out.

If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine or just want to check it out – why not start at the top of the food chain and check out Quesada?

experience the joy of Mex

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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