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Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie
In Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie, we learn a little appreciation for this well-known snack. Samosas are the...

In Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie, we learn a little appreciation for this well-known snack. Samosas are the ‘street food’ that grew up.

WhatMakes Samosas so Unique?

Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

What makes Samosas so unique? Primarily the pastry. Samosa pastry must have just the right ‘bite’ – light with the perfect balance of flakiness and crunch. Most recipes include a choice of potato, vegetable, mixed vegetable or meat. The Indian Samosa is arguably the most recognizable and widely-available Indian food, being used from street vendors to grocery stores to the menu in restaurants small and large – making this delectable morsel practically synonymous with Indian cuisine.

The History of Samosas

Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

However, like India itself, the Samosa has a surprisingly rich, diverse, and storied history. The original samosas travelled far and wide through Central Asia and across the Himalayan Steppe to reach the place that is thought of as its home in modern times.

In the 1300s, our Samosa first made a historical appearance on Indian soil. Then traded through Central Asia by peddlers and vendors across the Muslim world, it eventually found its way to the subcontinent under the name Samsa. Named for its pyramidal shape after the pyramids of Central Asia; even today, these would likely have been recognizable as Samosas, containing meat, ghee, and onion.

The Samosa diffused itself across many cultures and made its way worldwide from India. As the centuries passed, the recipe changed, and every region added its flair to the traditionally simple pastry. In turn, these variants also made their way back to India, where the Samosa had already been transformed from region to region.
All this reinvention is what has led to the incredibly diverse but ever-popular Samosa we all know and love today.


Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

In India, though, it’s where the deep-fried triangles became spicy and had potato added to the filling. The spices and other staples we taste today were introduced throughout the Indian subcontinent over centuries of culinary exploration. So, while it may be the pastry that first indicates a Samosa, it’s the filling that genuinely defines what type of Samosa you are eating. The dish has truly stood the test of time and managed to traverse the world, reinventing itself time after time.


Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

There is practically no situation that doesn’t call for a Samosa in India. The ever-popular chai-samosa is the pairing of tea and Samosa, which unites everyone in enjoyment. Members of the household, neighbours and peers are often seen comforting themselves over Samosas and banter – how fun does that sound?
Of course, the most common and most popular way to prepare and eat Samosa is simply whole, either on its own or with a meal as a delicious side. The crisp, delicious outer shell and the rich, fluffy inner filling are sometimes best taken in all by themselves. Sometimes to be enjoyed and appreciated fully, with no distractions. Some may worry that the deep-fried oiliness is unhealthy–but baking Samosas instead of frying is a popular way for the health-conscious to avoid this conundrum.

Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed Finding the Best Samosas in Barrie.  In Barrie, find them at Tandoori Kingdom—it’s here that this golden-brown beauty has made people fall in unapologetic love with it. And with that, who’s up for some chai and a Samosa snack?

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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