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Foodie Trivia Throwdown

Foodie Trivia Throwdown

Thursdays are trivia nights at the Queens. And to salute the arrival of their mouthwatering new menu, we’ve put together a Foodie Trivia Throwdown in advance of the weekly competition that will challenge even the most committed trencherman (or woman).

Play along as we serve up a spread of 10 brain teasers, inspired in part by the Hometown Pub’s new fare.

Answers are provided at the bottom. You are on your honour not to cheat! And be sure to share your results!

1) True Or False: Burgers Gained Mainstream Popularity After Being Featured at the 1904’s World Fair in St. Louis?

Foodie Files

2) What Is Meant By The Term ‘Al Dente’  In Italian Cooking?

3) What Is The Term For Cutting Herbs Or Vegetables Into Very Fine Strips Called?

4) What Is The Most Popular (But Not The Most Eaten) Food In The World?

5) What Would You Use A Dredger For?

6) A Pimento Is What Type Of Veggie?

7) What Term Is Used For Slow Cooking Meats Like Pork To Pull Out The Fat?

8) What is Marsala?

9) What Do You Make When Whipping Eggs Together? (Hint: Often Used In Making Pies)

10) What Is The National Dish Of Scotland?

Attention! Do Not Scroll Further Unless You Are Ready For The Answers!


  1. True
  2. It means “to the tooth”, it describes the perfect texture of cooked pasta.
  3. Chiffonade
  4. Pizza
  5. To sprinkle flour or sugar lightly.
  6. Pepper
  7. Rendering
  8. Wine
  9. Meringue
  10. Haggis (and bonus marks if you can actually digest it)

How Did You Do On The Foodie Trivia Throwdown? Let Us Know In The Comments, Or Tag Us on Insta! #barrieuncovered

And Be Sure To Sample The Queens New Menu on Trivia Night, Or Any Other Night! Connect With Them For Reservations, Bottle Service and Live Music Every Week.

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