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Make it Fun and Healthy – Make it Mexican

Make it Fun and Healthy
Make it Fun and Healthy - mealtime, that is. After hearing the words " Mexican food ", the first thought that...
Make it Fun and Healthy

Make it Fun and Healthy – mealtime, that is. After hearing the words ” Mexican food “, the first thought that comes to our mind is loads of bold flavours, an intense variety of spices, and colourful food servings. Tacos, burritos, salsas, and guacamole have become the top favourite cuisines worldwide despite their immediate relevance with the unique Mexican culture.

However, there’s so much more to their food culture than these ever-famous dishes. Here are some of the most interesting, fun facts about Mexican food that you may not know about!

Veggies and Fruits First, Meat Later

Make it Fun and Healthy

Most people imagine lots of spice, rice, meat, and refried beans when they go to an authentic Mexican restaurant. However, Mexico’s cuisine is made with healthy ingredients, like vegetables and fruits.
Most traditional Mexican foods include chilli peppers, corn, and beans rather than chicken and meat. Moreover, you may also find yourself indulging in several unique veggies, cactus, chayote, and quintonil. Fruits like mangoes, pomegranates, and jackfruit are also some of the key ingredients in several Mexican dishes.

Perfection Combination of Carbs and Protein - To Make it Fun and Healthy

Make it Fun and Healthy

Authentic Mexican food is relatively healthier than you may think. Most Mexican cuisines are high in vitamins and minerals, while the ratio of fat and carbs is significantly low. Several diet programs encourage indulging in Mexican foods for promoting good health, as they consider them the perfect blend of all the essential ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat.

The Number One Ingredient

Make it Fun and Healthy

While almost every Mexican dish includes fruits and vegetables, the number one ingredient for Mexican recipes isn’t one of them. In reality, chilli pepper is the most-used cooking ingredient, as it’s not just added to all savoury dishes but also a handful of Mexican sweet desserts.

Tacos – The Lunch Food

Make it Fun and Healthy

Did you know? The meaning of the word ‘taco’ comes close to “light lunch.” While we have turned tacos into an all-time dish, history suggests that tacos were initially supposed to be eaten at lunch. Moreover, the only time you could have tacos at dinner was when you were eating ‘antojitos,’ commonly known as street tacos.
According to another tradition, only tacos with seafood filling are meant to be eaten for lunch, while street tacos are for eating late afternoon or dinner.

No Such Thing as 'Picky' When It Comes to Tortillas

Make it Fun and Healthy

When making a traditional Mexican tortilla, the only rule to remember is no rules. Mexican dishes are usually dressed with a range of ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, pork, shrimp, meat, seafood, chicken, barbecued beef, cream, and even insects. You can put whatever you like on your tortilla, which would not make it a less authentic Mexican dish.
Some Mexicans even add grasshoppers, eggs, tripe, and Korean sauce to their tortilla to match their personal preferences. Tacos can be sweet, too, with its tortilla filled with fruits and ice cream.

Our Final Verdict on Make it Fun and Healthy

Make it Fun and Healthy

From tacos and churros to tortillas, you can’t go wrong with the ever-delicious Mexican foods! We hope you enjoyed learning about these fun facts as much as you relish indulging in your favourite Mexican cuisines. For even more reading to make it fun and healthy, click here.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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