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Soup’s On: 4 Places To Ladle Up in Barrie

Soup's On: 4 Places To Ladle Up in Barrie

Soup’s On: 4 Places To Ladle Up in Barrie

Find Amazing Soup At These Local Gems

The best soup in Barrie is like a big hug in a fuzzy sweater.

Comforting, warm and perfect to shake the colder weather blahs. And with the temperatures taking a decided downturn later this week as October approaches, it’s a good idea to get the spoons ready.

And if Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s that mastery of even a simple soup is essential for chefs everywhere.

Here’s 4 spots to ladle up in Barrie!


One of Barrie’s fav eateries, the Lazy Tulip is a prime destination for a bowl of deliciousness. The Tulip has moved to a new locale for takeout only, but it’s well worth the trip.

Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the lunch menu offers a daily soup (served with foccacia)

And if you opt for Tapas, you get a shot of the good stuff.

Cocina Mexicana

Offering a little Latin flavour for your midday warmth, Cocina Mexicana actually has a four spot of soups on their menu – Caldo Tlalpeno,Caldo de Pollo, Pozole & Sopa de Tortilla. 

All four provide a zesty option for Mexican food lovers who also pray at the church of the ladle.

The Bull & Barrel Pub

You would be hard pressed to find a heartier broth in town than the Bull’s Ale & Onion Soup. Braised onions swimming in ale and chicken stock, with croutons & three kinds of cheese – if that doesn’t warm you up on a crisp day, see your Doctor.

The Bull and Barrel also provides a  ‘Soup of the Day‘ whipped up from scratch every day. The committed soup lover (henceforth known as a soup-er) should play it safe and just get both.

And if that still doesn’t entice you, there’s always the traditional Irish Guinness stew…


Another of Barrie’s coziest spots, Bohemia’s menu is a trip through hotness. Oh get your mind out of the gutters…we mean the coffees and teas!

Beside the terrific assortment of java, there is a daily delectable soup pick. Prepared fresh, it’s the perfect antidote to a chilly day.

Bohemia’s one of the more charming spots in downtown, with a cosy patio to boot.

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