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Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Kevin Isherwood, Common Good Cafe & Social House

Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Common Good

This story really started when Kevin Isherwood was in Grade 10.  Young Kevin signed up for Home Economics because of, well you know; ratios.  The ratio was 26 – 2. Not bad odds for a young man full of passion with plenty of love to give.  We aren’t really sure what happened with the success of the girl to boy ratio, but what we are sure of is that Kevin discovered more passion than he was expecting.  Passion of cooking is what he took away.  We are so very thankful for that!

Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Common Good

Kevin Isherwood is the Head Chef at Common Good Café & Social House.  This eatery features a large harvest table, booths and tables.  It’s a great place to sneak away and get some work done with your laptop, or even to just enjoy locally sourced food.  The café is bright and airy with natural sunlight. (after a long winter, you need to recharge here) Chef Kevin suggests recharging with “a warm hug from someone you haven’t seen in awhile.”  Otherwise known as the Drunken Beef Sandwich.  It is braised overnight after marinating it for 24 hours, then roasted to caramelize the outside.  “It’s like a warm hug, but for your mouth.”  Yes, please!

Chef Kevin has been Everywhere!

When we met with Chef Kevin, he was quick to share that he’s travelled the world and cooked everywhere. “After moving back from London England, Toronto didn’t look like a great place to raise my son, but Barrie had a perfect balance of city and country.”  So that’s Barrie 1 and Toronto….ummm….I don’t know, but we win Chef Kevin!

If you haven’t been to Common Good Café & Social House we are bursting to tell you about a few things.  Common Good “believes in laughter, kindness, community, and doing a good deed every day. big or small.”  Barrie Uncovered noticed that community feeling immediately when we stepped inside.  The great rapport between the staff is obvious and we asked Chef Kevin about it. “Common Good is my second home, they are my family.  The rapport here is unlike any other place I’ve ever worked.” We love it!

Social Responsibility Taken Seriously

Respect.  Common Good has an entirely electric kitchen.  They have zero emissions and a very small carbon footprint.  All their dishes are as locally sourced as possible, and they only use Ontario crafted liquors, spirits and beers.  In their cooking they use no refined sugars or artificial flavors.  Real food, friends.  They also make vegetarian and vegan foods accessible for everyone.  Keto, too!  Barrie Uncovered sampled their Pollo Loco bowl and it was delicious.  (is licking the bowl clean acceptable in public?)   Take a look at Common Good Café & Social House menu HERE.

Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Pollo Loco bowl

Healthy Food in Barrie? Check!

Chef Kevin shared The Common Good is very different in the core values and mantra of who we are from other restaurants. It’s not about flipping a table, its about having guests enjoy a great space and atmosphere while enjoying a healthy meal.” Barrie Uncovered invites you to check out the star of Common Good Café & Social House, Chef Kevin Isherwood and his amazing team.

Alright Friends!  What are we ordering?

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

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