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Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Chris Gardiner

Head Chef, Chris Gardiner

When it comes to good food and more particularly, the best place to eat in Barrie.  We have to tell you the honest truth – The Farmhouse is up there.  Like waaayyyy up. 

The Farmhouse Across the Bay

Located at 268 Bradford Street in Barrie.  The Farmhouse is really hard to miss.  The building was erected in 1907 and houses some beautiful historic aspects like thick beams and hardwood floors.  But those are just the minor details that help set the ambience.  The real star, to be noted, is the Head Chef – Chris Gardiner.  Chris Gardiner and Randy Feltis, owner of the Farmhouse, have an intertwined history of sorts.  You may remember way back to the 2000’s and the famous Barrie restaurant, Oscar’s on Bayfield. (beside the bingo hall.)  Oscar’s was owned by Randy Feltis and Chris was Head Chef for a good, many years.

Way leads on to way

Sort of like the line in a Robert Frost poem, Chris went his own way for a spell and then eventually partnered up with Randy Feltis for a second time.  Well, truly the second time is a charm, because Chris Gardiner is ON FIRE as Head Chef of the Farmhouse.  Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – anytime is a good time to make your way over. But if you really want to taste what Chef Gardiner LOVES to cook, it’s their house smoked BBQ ribs.  Smoked to perfection, Chef Gardiner shared with us that if he was ever to branch out on his own, a Grill House would be his passion.  One taste of those smoked ribs and you would have to agree! (oops, there’s a little sauce in the corner of your mouth)

Yum Factor?  Check!

When Barrie Uncovered went to meet with Chef Gardiner, we tried a few of his great dishes. 

One that is a comfort food favourite stood out to us – Mac n Cheese.  Certainly not just any Mac N Cheese, it was creamy goodness and hit all the marks for standing out.  We also had the dill pickle brined buttermilk fried chicken.  WOW!  Where have you been all our lives?  Burgers? 

Steve had a burger, of course!

Food Blog Facts

Okay, I wouldn’t actually say Chef Gardiner has a food blog on Instagram.  But…..if you check out #chefgardiner on Instagram – he has a food blog!  Clearly the Chef has a passion for what he does. 

Head Chef, Chris Gardiner

So let us just say this, you need to get over to The Farmhouse and enjoy some really great food.  Ask for a table on the patio and look out over Kempenfelt Bay while enjoying a fabulous meal.  Soak in the ambient surroundings and order the Chef’s favourite – the house smoked ribs – remember we told you so! 

written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

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