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Tandoori Kingdom takes us to India!

Tandoori Kingdom takes us to India! Travelling to India in April gives you a whole new...

Travelling to India in April gives you a whole new perspective on weather!  In that vast country you can swim or ski, sunbathe or visit the cloud gardens with ease.

While travelling through India you can gain true appreciation of the variety of cultural dishes as well.  Each region seems to have their very own spectacular dishes to choose from!

Choosing a "Home Stay"

If you ever have a chance to arrange a “Home Stay” you would sample cuisine that you maybe couldn’t find easily anywhere else; better yet you can take lessons on the preparation – if you wish!

There are actually a number of places where you can take cooking classes.  If you’re truly serious some now offer week-long programs as well.

If you’re going to the effort of learning to prepare your favorite Indian dishes, then you should learn how to eat them correctly too.  In the south – that means eating food with your fingers!  I have heard over and over that the dishes taste even better that way!

Choose Your Cuisine!

Many of the “Home Stays” are environmentally sensitive, vegan or teaching Ayurvedic treatment dishes.  There are also as many that teach the meat and fish preparations so loved in the cuisine.  What a wonderful way to visit yet sample so much culture!

April in India is still festival season, just not so many due to the heat.

And the Festivals...

Early in the month Srinagar, Kasmir is truly the most breathtaking with their Tulip Festival!

Then in Mumbai, the Maharashtrian New Year Parade takes place.  The largest parade is in the morning in Girgaum where the streets are jam packed with floats and sari-clad women on their motorcycles!

There’s even a celebration of Rats at the Karni Mata Festival in the 600 year old temple there.

The temple is dedicated to an ancient mystic who people believe was a reincarnation of the goddess Durga, and the souls of devotees are said to reside in the rats!

Then of course is Baisakki – a harvest festival, a Punjabi New Year Festival and Founding of the Sikh religion all rolled into one.  There are many feasts, folk music and fairs, particularly in Amritsar.

However, travel plans still seem very questionable – maybe think of these travels for next year.

Taste Exquisite Indian - Right Here!

In the meantime, taste some of the best loved Indian dishes right here in Barrie.

Yes, in Barrie – at Tandoori Kingdom.

This east end restaurant offers up some of the highest quality authentic Indian food you will ever taste – served on exquisite dishes in a charming setting.

Nirmal and his staff create culinary sensations like no other in Barrie.  I feel that they have created the ultimate Indian body, mind and soul experience.

Everything from their Tandoori oven-baked Naan to the seemingly endless choice of sweets must be savored and enjoyed.

Enjoy the Sunshine!

Even nicer, as the warm weather draws us outside you’re able to enjoy your traditional Indian feast on the deck under the sunshine.

Experience India in Barrie, at Tandoori Kingdom – Until you can travel once more!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliiott

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