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TGIF: 3 Barrie Craft Beer Ideas

Freakshow Crush - Flying Monkey's
Try a craft beer from each of the 3 best brewers in Barrie, including...


As we still have a chance to eat inside somewhere that isn’t our own kitchen, dining room or bathroom (hey, don’t judge…it was a pandemic) we thought it apt to celebrate craft beers from all of the fantastic local brewers this week.

First up is…


Ever been lucky enough to get upgraded to first class on a plane ride?

This is the beer equivalent!

First Class is a smooth tasting, German inspired golden ale that is ideal for any sitting.

The initial pour is a bright, yellow golden colour with a good size head that leaves just a bit of lacing. The first taste goes down gently, and emits balanced notes of grain, malts and citrus. It’s got a nice sweetness to it with definite flavour, although some beer advocates might find it a bit thin.

You can get it from Barnstormer’s or at the LCBO.

Number two on our menu is a lager so good the Germans would be envious.


Most beer producers would die happy if their craft creations stacked up well compared to the essential Bavarian ales that have been the stuff of Oktoberfest for centuries.

And this pale from Redline does an admirable job of paying tribute, while not totally mimicking those great German lagers.

It’s vibrant gold colour and foamy head make for an effervescent first impression, while the bready undertones and aromas reflect classic Munich Malts. As you approach the bottom of the glass, it leaves a crisp and dry after taste, providing an ideal compliment to anything meaty or sandwich based  on the menu.

Find out lots more about Idle Coast right here.

Last, but certainly not least (sorry, we couldn’t come up with something spiffier to intro this…but c’mon, it’s Friday) is…


The primary objective of any good beer is to present it’s drinker with a memorable sitting that combines taste and experience.

And this IPA from Flying Monkey’s accomplishes that mission in spades.

The initial pour is gentle and inviting, with an amber reddish hue that leaves about half an inch of thick creamy foam head.

Even though the name might suggest otherwise, this is actually a lighter tasting pale ale. The aroma hints at touches of grass spread across citrusy and bitter tones. The overall strength isn’t at all detracted by the lighter vibe, as the hops linger pleasantly among the tastebuds.

Find out more about the beer from Flying Monkeys right here.

What did you think of our 3 Barrie Craft Beer Suggestions? Let us know in the comments!  

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