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TGIF: Extra Terrestrial

The first pour produces a clear golden colour, and even yields a touch of copper as...

TGIF: Extra Terrestrial

Let’s be honest…there are worse ways to kickstart the weekend than with a cold beverage.

And yet, it’s easy to fall into a routine of buying the same couple of beers or spirits at your favorite watering hole or the LCBO. Of course, there’s always going to be your standard go-to’s. But mixing it up (get it…mixing???) makes for a fun outing.

With that in mind, we’re taking a shot (bet you thought we would stop with the drinking puns after that first one) at finding you a weekly selection of spirits to liven up your Friday.

This week why don’t your try…

Grand Terrestrial Rhapsody – Flying Monkey’s

The first pour produces a clear golden colour, and even yields a touch of copper. Capped off with a healthy dose of white foamy head that is lacey from top to bottom.

Initial aromas evoke pops of pineapple right off the bat, as well as strong notes of grapefruit and grape. The blended smells are exactly as advertised.

As for the flavour, here the profile matches the aroma with more of those citrus fruits. As opposed to other IPAs, Terrestrial uses pineapple puree instead of pineapple concentrate. This leads to alot of pop in the taste, but not overwhelmingly so.

The body presents as a good medium, and overall smooth with the apt amount of carbonation.

Overall, this is a summery drink that pops with zest and colour.

Best paired with traditional pub fare favoring sharper, salty sides to balance the sweeter sections of the drink.

By the numbers:

  • ABV 8.1% alc./vol.|IBUs 40
  • Malts:2-Row Pale Malt, Spelt Malt
  • Hops: Neslon Sauvin, Idaho 7 
  • Dry-Hopping: Neslon Sauvin, Idaho 7, Galaxy
  • Special Additions: Pineapple Purée

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