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TGIF: Seeing Red

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Red pale, red tail. With a touch of caramel and lots of enticing oats and hops, this...


Let’s be honest…there are worse ways to kickstart the weekend than with a cold beverage.

And yet, it’s easy to fall into a routine of buying the same couple of beers or spirits at your favorite watering hole or the LCBO. Of course, there’s always going to be your standard go-to’s. But mixing it up (get it…mixing???) makes for a fun outing.

With that in mind, we’re taking a shot (bet you thought we would stop with the drinking puns after that first one) at finding you a weekly selection of spirits to liven up your Friday.

This week why don’t your try…


Irish red ale is a balanced, easy-drinking pint, combining a moderate malt character with caramel and toasted notes.

Moreover, the deep reddish copper color comes from both crystal malt and a small dose of highly kilned grain, such as roasted barley.

Despite a slightly sweet overall character, the highly kilned grain adds a touch of dryness to the finish. Consequently, this can add a very slight touch of roasted flavor too.

Further, the hop bitterness is evenly balanced. But the dark malt addition can make the beer seem more bitter than the IBU level would indicate.

Likewise, the hop flavor and aroma is subtle. However, there are examples of the hop character and oak touches through the tasting.

Best paired with something sharp and salty to offset the sweetness, like a good burger or steak.

Find out more about Red Tail, as well as ordering it online, on Barnstormer’s website!

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