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TGIF: Summer Suds Preview (Part 2)

TGIF: Stand By For Transmission


The lazy days of summer will soon be upon us, commanding us to seek out patios and barbecues.

Whether it’s out on the town, or making do on our home terraces, there is nothing more choice than a fabulous summer bevvy. 

We’ll spend the next few weeks previewing some of the tastiest summer beverages from Barrie’s best brewers.

This week…

TGIF: Summer Suds Preview (Part 2)


This stout begins with a solid head retention, and a slightly foamy lace remaining. The tint is light tan head that recedes to a dark brown edging to black in color.

The initial odor is (somewhat surprisingly) spicy. It gives way to plenty of chocolate and coffee notes, with oats and malts permeating just below the surface.

The first taste continues the chocolate/coffee vibe, as well as caramel. You might even detect notes of grass and even barbecue-esque as the drink goes down. Roasted aromas and some charred aromas are not far from the taste as well. Expect medium body and medium carbonation, with a creamy flow (although it could be creamier ) and finishes a touch dry on the palate.

Overall, this is an interesting beer, with a fun quality that encourages additional sampling. This stout is best consumed on a chillier day or in the late summer evening as the breeze comes in off the lake.

Best paired with soups, stews and grilled meats or anything of the salty side of the menu.

Learn more about Skinny Dippin’ on Sawdust City’s website.

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