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The Art of a Sandwich

the art of a sandwich
Standing watching a sandwich maker is a real learning experience for some. The art of sandwich making traditions...
the art of a sandwich

Standing in a pizza place we are surrounded with the warm comforting aromas of all that’s great with food.  Being invited to watch the preparation of a great sandwich is even better.  Today we learned a bit about the art of a sandwich.

All About the Art of a Sandwich

the art of a sandwich

Sandwich making has been around for centuries.  Most everyone likely knows the history that stems back to the Earl of Sandwich demanding something great tasting and easy to eat.  Throughout that history there is one culture for sure that has taken the cause and ran with it.  That would be the Italians…

Who hasn’t tried an Italian veal sandwich?  Melt in your mouth meat with flavourful sauce and lots of that ooey-gooey cheese…to die for.  One of the most important things in any sandwich is having the freshest of ingredients.  That’s not just the bread, but the everything.

Starting with the Fresh

the art of a sandwich

Fresh bread, freshly sliced toppings, sauteed vegetables and a sauce made daily in house gave us a sandwich that we would crave over and over.  This sandwich maker produces everything possible in house, shops local and uses no MSG.  With the generous portions being served, this sandwich is a great lunch or dinner option. 

Actually, if you’re in the west end of town, it’s a great place to stop in at lunch time to check out the daily specials.

So Much More

the art of a sandwich

What better way to choose your lunch than to visit a shop that offers not only great sandwiches, but a hot table filled with the most favorite of Italian entrees.  Choose from Chicken or Veal Parm, sauteed veggies, pasta favorites and usually a few other choice dishes.

Then if dessert is desired, you can simply get lost in the goodness.  Try out the delectable canneloni or pastries that just desire to be bought.  There’s even gelato, if that’s how you like to end a meal.

Of Course There's Pizza

the art of a sandwich

Of course there’s pizza.  As in most shops you can order a standard choice off the menu, create your own, or even have it changed up into a panzerotti.  All great taste and fun to eat.

Here...There's Even More

the art of a sandwich

At this shop there’s even more.  Find your favorite foods to cook at home as well.  Shop for your basic Italian ingredients to create your favorite meals at home, or with holidays fast approaching check out all your favorite Italian treats.  

Even better is that Paezano’s new location in Cedar Pointe is just so easy to get to.  You might want to stop in to check out the art of a sandwich for yourself.  Simply Yummy.

the art of a sandwich

For more interesting reading – follow this link.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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