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The Best $20 Lunches In Barrie

The Best $20 Lunches In Barrie

Eating out is such a rewarding experience. The fun of picking out a menu item. Not having any dishes to clean. And the anticipation of your meal arriving, heightened by every passing plate, can be as vibrant a sensation as…well, maybe not THAT exciting.

Even for the casual trencherman, a lunch at a restaurant is a treat. And yet, dining away from home can quickly decimate your bank balance.

What’s a foodie on a budget to do? Luckily Barrie’s menu of eateries includes a choice selection of joints with great nosh at a prime price.

Scroll on to find feasts in town that won’t deplete your chequing account. 

The Queens

Coming in under the $20 mark is Skinny’s Big Breakfast (available until 3pm) and comes loaded with eggs, a trio of meats and fruit.

Classics like hoagies, chicken wings and Detroit style pizza can also be had for the magic number, with a plethora of sides to choose from.

And of course….burgers.

Steyn House

If the south end is more your jam, might we suggest a visit to Steyn House.

They offer a varied lunch menu replete with pub fare, burgers, smoked meat sannys, cheese steaks and salads.

All priced to get you out the door without breaking a twenty spot. 

The Italian Eatery

The appeal of pasta and meatballs is universal. The next time you are craving something tomato-based when the noon hour strikes, the Italian Eatery has you covered.

Pick between veggie, chicken, veal or meatball sandwiches, or a panzerotti packed with cheese, sauce, and pepperonis. And that is to say nothing of their Paninis!


Tacos and burritos are always a solid pick for midday meals, and if you stop by Quesada on Bayfiled, you can treat yourself to both for the right price.

Packed with fresh meats and veg, a Mexican handheld makes for a bite that won’t damage your credit rating.


Sometimes the best lunch is a good breakfast. If traditional eggs and bacon-esque fare is what you need to power through the lunch hour, there are a couple of locales that will fit your budget.

Midway Diner has a hearty country breakfast plate for just 8.99, with double eggs and your choice of side.

Closer to downtown? Dunlop Street Diner also provides a two egg meal repast with optional accompaniments, for 8.99.

What did you think of The Best $20 Lunches In Barrie? Did we miss any great eating spots? Let us know in the comments!

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