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The Best $30 Meals In Barrie

The Best $20 Meals In Barrie

The Best $30 Meals In Barrie

Eating out is such a rewarding experience. The fun of picking out a menu item. Not having any dishes to clean. And the anticipation of your meal arriving, heightened by every passing plate, can be as vibrant a sensation as…well, maybe not THAT exciting.

Even for the casual trencherman, dinner at a restaurant is a treat. And yet, dining away from home can quickly decimate your bank balance.

What’s a foodie on a budget to do? Luckily Barrie’s menu of eateries includes a choice selection of joints with great nosh at a prime price.

Scroll on to find feasts in town that won’t deplete your chequing account.

Finer Dining

Chavos Crepes

Take a trip through their inspired menu to find a fit for your sweet tooth at Barrie’s crepes master. Ideal for a night out with your special someone, or a family brunch with a bit of zing, Chavos Crepes has plenty of options for a memorable and tasty adventure.

  The Farmhouse

One of Barrie’s homiest eateries, with eye popping views of the lake, the Farmhouse’s selection of farm fresh feasts come in at easily reasonable rates.


Relatively new to the downtown strip, Limoncello’s bill of fare brings the piquant tastes of Italy to the heart of downtown. A spread of pastas, panninis and dishes are all available at fees that match your budget.

Pub Fare

Alliance Billiards

You might not immediately connect a great pool hall with great food, but Alliance’s menu of burgers, nachos and deep fried selections is a must try. And if you are lucky, the owners might share their delicious Sheppard’s pie recipe with you.

Barnstormer Brewing

Known in town for their in-house brewed lagers and ales, Barnstomers’ aviation-inspired menu soars with choice. Pizzas and sandwiches that are well worth the trip, and will leave you feeling full in the belly, while not light in the wallet.

The Queen’s

On top of live music and late night hijinks, the Queens menu boasts grilled and savory selections at equally delicious prices. Their quintessential pub nosh is made to order for a pleasant meal out that won’t invade your bank balances.

International Fare


Offering a blend of Chinese and Taiwanese fare, Chafresh’s wide selection at reasonable price points will leave you well fed, with leftovers to spare. Pool tables and a bright dining room make this spot on Bell Farm road even more appealing.

Taj Bistro

Steeped in traditional spices from India, Taj Bistro is prime whereabouts to activate your international taste buds. And with a spread of authentically Indian dishes within the $30 range, it’s a go-to for tasty options.

Cocina Mexicana

Perhaps the most bang for your dinero on this list, Cocina Mexicana on Burton avenue provides authentic Mexican food in all you can eat style.

And for $29.99 during the week, you can load up your plate with tacos, rice, enchiladas and a full menu’s worth of quintessential Mexican fare.

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