4 Inexpensive Dating in December Ideas

4 Inexpensive Dating in December Ideas

Alright, its the most expensive month of the year. With different holidays approaching for so many of us; such as Christmas Hanukkah or Kwanzaa approaching, our dating funds are down but we don’t really want to stop dating for a whole month….. don’t worry friends, we uncovered 4 inexpensive date ideas for December!

Check out Charidise Barrie.

Located on Bellfarm Rd,  Charidise Barrie is worth checking out! With food like chicken spaghetti and authentic Chinese to choose from, there is something for everyone. They even have Plus, the jewel fire place gives a more romantic feel, while the pool tables in a separate room give you the option of a more fun experience! Bonus: the bathroom has a whole mirror wall to take those date night selfies girls!




Hand Holding and Holiday Lights.

Hold hands while walking past the lights downtown. Or listen to holiday tunes together while driving past them if you are not much of a winter walker! This freebie is such a cute date night idea.



Put on something warm and grab your skates! Ice skates of course…we are in Barrie after all! Barrie City Hall offers a beautiful outdoor skating rink. This is perfect for a first date or couples who have been together for a while to do something fun and inexpensive.



No no no we definitely did not forget about the early birds! We totally understand that some people just aren’t into going out at night, or being out in the cold for extended periods of time. So for those people, we recommend Breakfast or Brunch dates. Yes of course there is fine dining restaurants in our City, but were looking for an inexpensive date so we can save some money this holiday season! Amen to my wallet. For our brunch recommendations, check out or blog Get Your Barrie Brunch On



So there you have it folks! 4 Inexpensive Dating in December Ideas! We hope you enjoy all your festivities

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