4 Signs of (Almost) Summer in Barrie

4 Signs of (Almost) Summer in Barrie

Although social distancing remains in place and the patios have yet to open…there are a few  signs that Barrie is slowly edging towards a bit of a summer.

While we’re going to miss warm weather staples like Kempenfest, and Boots & Hearts, but there are still some familiar sights of summer we can take comfort in right now.

4 Signs of (Almost) Summer in Barrie

Ice cream trucks and frozen yogurt spots are serving up all over town

There certainly won’t be as many food trucks rolling around as last season. But keep your ears peeled for the telltale music of ice cream trucks cruising the neighbourhoods in the weeks ahead, as some are out and about. Moreover, destinations for icy treats, like Kawartha Dairy and Swirleez, are open.

The Farmer’s Market is Open

The local vendors list is growing every week, and you can place orders online to ensure your locally grown and made items are ready for for pickup on Saturdays. Further, you can visit the outdoor market for a stroll through the locally grown food and produce.

Basketball and Tennis courts have reopened

Golf courses, tennis courts, park amenities, basketball courts, and some off-leash dog parks are all open again, so you have the go-ahead to safely make the most of them. Keep in mind that many public washrooms are still closed.

Campgrounds are gearing up visitors

Restrictions were lifted on some daytime activities at camp sites in Ontario earlier in May. And that could extend to overnight visitors as soon as next month. Camping may in fact be the perfect social distance summer activity!

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