Barrie’s Set List

We’re Curating a Collection of Barrie Artists on Spotify And We Want Your Picks!

If you’ve been visiting this website with any regularity, you know that we pray at the church of music.

We’re not quite Rob Gordon of High Fidelity level when it comes to musical knowledge, but we’re all in on Barrie’s music scene and the local artists who are making the rest of the region sit up and take notice.

So on top of our weekly gigs blog and podcast, we’re wading into Spotify’s waters to help promote Barrie based artists.

Barrie’s Set List hits Spotify today, and it’s comprised entirely of local artists with music on the app . And we want your help!

Please have a look and tell us about any bands that we missed. (It’s only at 21 right now) And if you’re a fan of the bands we already have, fire us your tune preferences!

We will update the playlist every week with different tracks and artists, so it’s always evolving.

*We looked at doing this through Bandcamp, because so many more artists have their stuff up there. But unfortunately they don’t offer playlist options, so Spotify is the best shareable option.

So let’s light this up…as it were. Send in your suggestions via email to info@barrieuncovered.ca, or through DMs on our FB and Insta pages.

You can follow the playlist directly on Spotify right here.



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