Insta Worthy Spots in Barrie

Insta Worthy Spots in Barrie

Insta Worthy Spots in Barrie

Those who spend a good chunk of time on the ‘gram are always on the prowl for unique settings to liven up their camera roll.

An eerie, abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. A resplendent public garden. A gritty alley in the downtown core. These are the kind of spots that Instagrammers and videographers in need of memorable backdrops flock to.

Here in Barrie, we’ve got a lineup of locales that suit the bill, and don’t require a filter. And if you’ve got a ballin’ spot to add, be sure to tag us on Insta with the #barrieuncovered hashtag and let us know!


We’ll start with the obvi. Downtown Barrie is awash in unique shops, restaurants and storefronts and settings for a day of shoots. Check out the Spirit Catcher, any of the amazing patios, cafes or the amphitheater and let your visual imagination run free.

If you’re in the grip of a gritty metropolitan vibe, venture into a few of the laneways off Dunlop street. With the cityscape backdrop and well worn pavement, you can evoke a multitude of urban explorer themes.

If retail is what you are looking for, we’d suggest Last Level Lounge, Flying Monkeys, The Queens, J’Adore Fine Chocolates, and the Wired Owl Coffee Company. Any of those spots, with their distinctive look, are ideal for a pensive portrait.

The Beaches

Obvi spot #2. Barrie’s marina and beaches are among the most visited in the province, and with good reason. There is no shortage of sunrise and sunset opportunities along the waterfront, as well as seasonal shots.

The boats, the water fountain, the yacht club, families enjoying a day out…there’s no end to what the visual creator can compose here.

MacLaren Art Centre

Barrie’s art gallery is a must do for art lovers. And the historic building, housing curated collections from all over the country, makes for a eye catching milieu to add to your feed.

The blend of old and new architecture, alongside the array of artistry provides more than enough inspiration. Ideal for a selfie or a slice of Barrie culture.

Bear Creek Echo Park

Hidden away in the south end, the Ferndale marsh is a beautiful nature encampment in the middle of town.

Find it at the bottom of Ferndale Dr. just past Summerset drive. Animal photo lovers will find all sorts of wildlife including ducks, frogs and turtles.

Old Methodist Cemetery

A destination for photo history buffs, this tiny cemetery is in a grassy-and-wooded lot on the Barrie side of the old Penetanguishine Road, on the north-eastern outskirts of the city. 

The cemetery was established in 1844. According to the signs, the land was first purchased by the Wesleyan Methodist Church as the site of a burial ground and chapel.

Moreover, it is a solemn and quiet destination with lots of trees and fields. You can easily spend a good amount of time wandering the site and adding to your camera roll. And when we enter the spooky season, a eerie old graveyard might be just the right kind of viral picture.

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Simcoe County Museum

Another fantastic location that brings history to life, the Simcoe Museum offers nature and experience. The artifacts and exhibits are in themselves an entire catalogue of cool subjects for your feed.

And when you get into the “backyard” of the museum, you’ll find historic structures, old locomotives and vehicles to shoot amongst. It’s a four season setting as well; in January a skating trail is in operation, providing lots of winter themed images.

Allandale Waterfront

Train stations have unending appeal for shutterbugs. There is something charming and nostalgic about railway centres, and the Allandale Waterfront stop is no exception.

You can find a ton of “in transit” themed shots as the GO trains roll in and out, and take advantage of the cool city views, as well as the old train station structure across the way.

Need more ideas? Try Sunnidale park, Park Place, the basketball courts and ball hockey rinks. All are full of people, activities and inspiration for visual presentations that will make your Insta stand out!

What did you think of our Insta Worthy Spots in Barrie list? Let us know in the comments!

And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint with unique, locally driven content, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.

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