Road Trippin’ – Fathom Five

Road Trippin' - Part 7

Road Trippin’ – Fathom Five

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Day Trips By Car From Barrie

As we welcome the return of warmer climes, we can all indulge in notions of traditional spring and summer fare like patios, barbecues…and road trips!

Of course, Barrie’s central location makes us a prime hub to launch car voyages through the warm weather months.  Every Thursday through September, we’ll bring a new Ontario destination you can reach in a reasonable amount of travel time. And if you’ve got some suggestions, we want to hear them!

Road Trippin’ – Fathom Five

Fathom Five National Marine Park

At the northern tip of the Bruce peninsula lies Fathom Five National Marine Park, which boasts curious rock formations such as Flowerpot island. In this area twenty shipwrecks lie in shallow crystal-clear waters, popular with divers but also perfectly visible from glass-bottomed boats. As is the case with all locations this summer, Fathom Five park has begun reopening, so some of the facilities and spaces will have limited access.

The charming small town of Tobermory is the departure point for the ferry over to Manitoulin Island, (which is running on a reduced schedule, with social distance regulations) while the old port of Owen Sound, the town at the foot of the peninsula, is a great place to stay while exploring the region.

There are also plenty of great stop off points along the way for food and drink, including Collingwood and Meaford.

Approx. travel time from Barrie: 2.5 hours

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What did you think of Road Trippin’ – Fathom Five? Let us know in the comments, or let us know if you’ve been there! We’d love to share your pics!

And if you are a business in Barrie that is open, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered. 

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