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Road Trippin’ – Mono Cliffs

Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’ – Mono Cliffs

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Barrie’s central location makes us a prime hub to launch car voyages through the warm weather months. 

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Road Trippin’ – Mono Cliffs

As we get into the fabulous Fall viewing season, a trip to Mono Cliffs is a must for Autumn picture enthusiasts.

With breathtaking views of the Bruce Grey trail, the provincial park is packed with trails and paths. Hikers can easily spend a day exploring the diversity of trees and natural structures.

The twisty paths lead you through a mass of amazing sights. You can walk through a canyon on the spillway trail or past 30 meters of cliffs on the cliff top trail.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park has a limited amount of space for visitors, so be sure to book your car permit in advance.

Moreover, being a park, there isn’t much in the way of onsite food trucks. You’ll want to pack a lunch or bring water and snacks for your visit.

To end off the day, you might consider a drive into Orangeville for dinner, about 15 minutes away from the park.

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