Staying Connected: Barrie’s Fitness Centres

Staying Connected: Barrie's Fitness Centres
Every Wednesday, we'll focus on one service or industry in Barrie and highlight...

Staying Connected: Barrie’s Fitness Centres

Every Wednesday, we’ll focus on one service or industry in Barrie and highlight how they are staying connected to you during this latest lockdown. Whether it’s online sales, curbside pickup or virtual sessions, we’ll share the ways you can support them. Even if it’s as simple as providing you with their online presence so you can leave them a positive review!

This week we focus on Barrie’s Fitness centres and gyms.

Staying Connected: Barrie’s Fitness Centres

The Barbell Academy

Founded in 2015 and located in the Northeast part of Barrie, you can find out more about them and their training programs on their website!

Fit Studio and Kickboxing

Offering training for men, women’s and teens, this is another independent fitness centre. Located on Cundles in Barrie, they’re celebrating 10 years in town!. They have gear for sale as well as a FB page you can check out!

Core Evolution Fitness

Located on Saunders road, Core Evolution is Dave Fraser’s intense and effective fitness facility, specializing in MetaFit.

Waterfront Pilates and Fitness

Specializing in fitness through Pilates and general health improvement, Waterfront Pilates is on Gowan street, walking distance to the lake. They offer a full schedule of pre-recorded classes and live online sessions.

9 Round Fitness

One of the most unique workouts in town, 9 Round provides 30 minute trainer led kickboxing sessions in every sitting. They’ve got plenty of online options as well as gear to buy to support them.

Fitness Infuzion For Women

Fitness Infuzion for Women is a non-intimidating workout place dedicated to women. With focus on weight loss, building muscle and improving self esteem, they provide plenty of online options to keep trim and active during the lockdown. Check them out online and on FB.

And you can also visit the websites for Alexacise, Hot Bod and Crossfit Barrie.

What did you think of Staying Connected: Barrie’s Fitness Centres? Did we miss any locations? Let us know! And if you are a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint, reach out today! We will get you Uncovered.

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