The Best Barrie Area Podcasts

The Best Barrie Podcasts
Being indoors pretty much sucks, but it does offer LOTS of time to check out the cool...

The Best Barrie Area Podcasts

A Look At Some of the Best Streaming Audio from Local Creators

Being a podcast junkie is about the best addiction you can have these days.

Moreover, through the magic of streaming, Spotify and other podcatchers, the growing audio entertainment industry is just a tap away. And there are a stream’s worth of cool local podcasts to sample!

Of course, we’ve got a variety of home grown series, so be sure to include the likes of Cinema Smackdown and Uncover The Music in your audio adventures. Read on for more!

The Best Barrie Area Podcasts

True crime junkies should have a listen to Whereabouts Unknown, hosted by local private investigator Ellen White. The ongoing series shines a spotlight on the stories of the missing and murdered in Canada, particularly cases from around the region.

Performing arts fans will enjoy Stage Whispers; a Simcoe based show focusing on all things theatre from the region. You’ll find lots of interviews with local thespians, as well as news and notes on auditions and upcoming performances.

Pop Goes Your World is an award winning pod from host Chris McBrien, based in Barrie.

McBrien and co-host Derek Myers debate the merits of pop culture pieces from years gone by, in a podcast that pits Gen X against Millenials. You can get new episodes every week!

The OHL season is just a few weeks away, and when it begins, you can get all the chatter from the Sadlon Arena from The Very Barrie Colts pod.

Hosted by super fans and general hockey geeks, Ryan Noble and Ryan McArthur, Colts followers will find plenty of content about their team throughout the year. There’s also a deep dive of archived episodes to go through for a refresher on the Colt’s past seasons.

The Best Barrie Area Podcasts

The Dilemma Dudes podcast is the brainchild of the demented (but hilarious) players from the Yikes Comedy Troupe.

Although there are no new episodes on the horizon, the vault of inspired episodes includes philosophical quandaries like “are we living in a simulation?”, presented in irreverent and lol tones.

Another great entry to the podcast universe that is all about supporting the local scene is the aptly named Team Bayfleld – Support The Scene.

Presented in association with Sunrise Records on Bayfield, hosts Gillian and Richard interview local artists and engage in record shop talk.

Beer? There’s a local pod for that…

4 Elements Craft Beer Podcast highlight craft breweries and the people behind them. In addition to the interviews and convo, the crew at 4 Elements host beer tasting events all over the region, and have visited the likes of Redline and Flying Monkey’s here in Barrie.

If hard core geekery is your jam, be sure to download an episode or two from the True North Nerds. Handing out reviews of the latest shows and discussion of all things nerdish, you can find them on the usual podcathers.

What Did you Think of The Best Barrie Area Podcasts? Any Cool Local Pods That We Missed? Let Us Know in the Comments!

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